Two Cryptocurrencies For The New Year

Dec. 28, 2018

Go Long Or Short On EOS. Your Choice! Major cryptocurrency exchange Huobi now supports EOS trading on their Derivative Market. This means that clients are able to go long or short, and thus to profit even when EOS price is going south. This new form of trading was introduced by Huobi as part of their […]

Market Outlook 2019: Sour To Start But Sweet In The End

Dec. 21, 2018

Cash Is King, Always Was And Always Will Be The market is falling and when I say market I mean equities, globally. The amount of fear in the market, the number of reasons why risk-off is better than risk-on, has overpowered even the staunchest of bulls and brought the rally to its knees. In simple […]

This Is The Dollar Forecast You Need To Read Now

Dec. 14, 2018

The Change That Shook The Market A few week’s ago in a speech to the NY Economic Club FOMC chief Jerome Powell indicated neutral interest rates were close at hand. His remarks, along with data and comments from other Fed members, have led the market to believe the FOMC will pause or slow-down its rate […]

Forget “Crypto Winter”… We Are Entering The Crypto Ice Age.

Dec. 07, 2018

Another wave of selling has hit the market Another wave of selling has hit the market and most cryptocurrencies are bleeding value, dropping as much as 40% for the last 7 days and 20% for the last 24 hours alone. The move doesn’t seem spurred by one particular piece of news but rather by a […]

Trade War Truce Impacts Forex Pairs

Dec. 05, 2018

After months of trading hostilities between the US and China, the two global economic heavyweights finally reached a truce on Saturday. During sideline talks at the G20 Summit, presidents Trump and Xi agreed to suspend the retaliatory tariffs for 90 days to allow for negotiations. In a press release, the White House stated that the […]

Fed Turns Dovish, Dollar Steady, Central Banks In Focus

Nov. 30, 2018

A Dovish Fed Was Expected But What Happens Now Jerome Powell delivered the market a stunning message on Wednesday when he revealed interest rates are closer to neutral than previously thought. While a powerful message and one that could send the dollar shooting lower it was not all that unexpected. Data over the last two […]

Oil Prices Set To Rebound

Nov. 23, 2018

Crude Sell Off Overextended And Ready To Snap-Back The global energy markets have been under a lot of pressure lately as mounting oversupply worry and slowing GDP growth combine to scuttle the 2018 rally. WTI and Brent are both down more than 30% from their 2018 highs and may continue lower in the near-term as […]

This Is Why Cryptocurrency Fell $27 Billion In One Day

Nov. 16, 2018

What Will Happen To Bitcoin Now The entire cryptocurrency market bled cash in the last week to hit new lows. The move was swift, unexpected, and left many traders wondering if their holdings would be worth keeping, or if it was time to get out. While that question is yet to be answered there is […]

Rebound In Equities, Dollar Strengthens,

Nov. 02, 2018

Equities Surge On Earnings, The NFP Report Boost The Dollar Global equities are rebounding from their October lows as strong earnings sweep the globe. The US market is leading with gains greater than 6.5% as the week closes out, and they are well supported. Not only are earnings positive the outlook is brightening as trade […]