The Brexit, The Pound, And Your Trading

Oct. 18, 2019

Brexit Looms, Fears Increase, BOE In The Wings In light of recent events I feel it is timely for me to review the pound and pound-based trading pairs. The EU and UK negotiators announced a new Brexit deal just a day or two ago and in that time a serious rally in the pound hit […]

The S&P 500 Is Going To Enter Correction

Oct. 14, 2019

The SPX Is On The Cusp Of Correction The global stock markets are under a lot of pressure right now. It all stems from the Trade War and the uncertainty surrounding global economic activity. The reason for the correction is going to be earnings. Earnings are what drives the market to new highs, when earnings […]

Bitcoin Is Bottoming, Right Now, It’s Time To Get In

Oct. 07, 2019

It Looks Like Bitcoin Is Bottoming After a long and protracted 3.5 month consolidation process it looks like Bitcoin is bottoming. The token fell to hit an almost four-month low over the weekend and has since bounced back. The bounce-back is not super strong, it didn’t form a double-digit percentage increase, but it doesn’t have […]

The Dollar Outlook, Still Bullish

Oct. 04, 2019

Strong NFP Points To Strong Economy The Dollar Index set a new high last week and has since retreat. The retreat was sparked by profit-takers but driven, in the end, by an increased outlook for both recession and FOMC rate cuts. The reason is simple, Manufacturing and Services were both weaker than expected and point […]

The Bitcoin Market Is Trading At A Key Level For The Bulls

Sep. 30, 2019

The Bitcoin Market Is Breaking Down The Bitcoin market did not rally from the $9,000 level as expected. On the contrary, the world’s leading cryptocurrency broke through support and looks like it could take another plunge. The token is undergoing an intense round of profit taking that, I think, is lingering HODL’rs leftover from the […]

The BOE Is Going To Cut Rates, This Is How You Profit

Sep. 27, 2019

Rate Cuts Are “Plausible” The pound weakened versus the world’s major currencies after another dovish cry from the BOE. Monetary Policy Committee member Michael Saunders says it is plausible the BOE could lower rates at the next meeting. The news is not a surprise, many in the community have been expecting a cut for some […]

Three Cryptocurrencies With Signs Of Life In Them

Sep. 23, 2019

Bitcoin Wallows While These Coin Shine It is without doubt the Bitcoin rally has fizzled out. For now. The forces driving the Bitcoin are in consolidation and that may take several more weeks if not months. In the meantime, the entire cryptocurrency market has been in retreat and now sitting at attractive price levels for […]

The Dollar Forecast Is Bullish, Get On Board While You Can

Sep. 20, 2019

FOMC Is Hawkish, No More Cuts Are Coming The FOMC cut rates by a quarter point this week and that was expected. What was also expected was an outlook for more cuts, possibly THREE more cuts, and that is not what we got. Quite the opposite in fact, based on the individual opinions of the […]

Bitcoin’s Biggest Bull Is Still Bullish, New All-Time Highes Are Coming

Sep. 16, 2019

Tom Lee Has Said It Again, Bitcoin Will Set A New All-Time High Tom Lee, founder and chief market strategist at Fundstrat, has doubled-down on his Bitcoin prediction yet again. According to him Bitcoin is heading up to a new all-time higher, possibly this year, and the equity market is why. His prediction is that […]

Euro Rebounds From Draghi “Bottom” But You Should Not Be Bullish

Sep. 13, 2019

The Euro Rebounds, But Don’t Get Too Bullish Yet The ECB meeting was a big surprise this week. We were expecting some stimulus but maybe not the amount the bank delivered. Not only did Mario Draghi and his crew cut rates another 10 bps deeper into negative territory they started buying bonds again. The prime […]