Bitcoin Recovers After Block Reorganization

Jan. 22, 2021

The Story of the 21 Bucks and the FUD It Created by Bogdan Giulvezan FUD: Fear. Uncertainty. Doubt. It can be triggered by the weirdest reasons and it can lead to massive selloffs. As we are all watching the Bitcoin charts going down, some of you may wonder about the reason. Here it is: yesterday, […]

EUR/USD on the Downside

Jan. 18, 2021

 The US Dollar is Buffing Up by Bogdan Giulvezan The Euro is trying hard to hold back the US Dollar’s offensive but so far its failing and the pair is tumbling through support levels, despite worse than expected U.S. Retail Sales. According to last week’s data, sales made at retail levels declined -0.7%, although analysts […]

BTC/USD: The Battle for 40K and New All-Time Highs

Jan. 15, 2021

Where Does Bitcoin Go From Here? By Bogdan Giulvezan Just recently, Bitcoin reached a new All-Time High (ATH), at exactly $42,000 according to TradingView charts. And while this is a great achievement and a major talking point, some of us are forgetting another bit of information, which may be even more important: after breaking the […]

Euro Starts the Week Under Pressure

Jan. 11, 2021

Is the Greenback Staging a Comeback? Rising U.S. bond yields have boosted the US Dollar, which in turn triggered bearish price action for EUR/USD starting last week and continuing through the beginning of the current one. At the time of writing, the yield on the 10-year government bonds is 1.11%, which may lead to additional […]

Google Searches for “Ethereum” Hit All-Time High

Jan. 08, 2021

How Will ETH/USD Respond? On January 13, 2018, Ethereum hit its All-Time High (ATH), trading at 1,432.88 against the US Dollar (data from CoinMarketCap). That day corresponded to a previous ATH in Google search term popularity for the word “Ethereum”. Today, January 8, 2021, according to Google Trends, the searches for “Ethereum” have hit a […]

Dollar Starts the Year on the Back Foot

Jan. 04, 2021

 Sterling Looking Fresh Despite Increased Number of COVID-19 Cases by Bogdan Giulvezan The greenback started the New Year on the same bearish note seen at the end of 2020, losing ground against most of its counterparts, while the Pound is surprisingly strong regardless of Brexit jitters and the growing number of new coronavirus cases. GBP/USD […]

2020 – The Year Bitcoin Went “Too the Moon”

Dec. 31, 2020

Bitcoin $25,000K: From Meme to Reality by Bogdan Giulvezan Guess who’s back in 2020? BITCOIN! This year alone, Bitcoin climbed from $4,935 (16 March 2020) to $29,173 (reached on the 31st of December 2020), coming from a $3,000 low reached back in 2018. Can we say that’s impressive? Yea, I think we can. And let’s […]

Gold and Global Shares Boosted by $2.3 Trillion Bill Signing

Dec. 28, 2020

Government Shutdown Avoided by Bogdan Giulvezan  Monday the markets reacted strongly to the news that President Donald Trump signed a $2.3 trillion bill that will allocate $1.4 trillion to government spending and $900 billion to pandemic relief aid. This comes as a mild surprise, as the President initially threatened to refuse to sign the bill, […]

How to Trade Forex in 2021

Dec. 24, 2020

What Have We Learned in 2020? by Bogdan Giulvezan Bye, Bye 2020! We’re not gonna miss ya (probably). Do I even need to say it? 2020 has been a messed up year… and believe me, I would like to use another word instead of “messed” but let’s keep it clean. This year, Brexit actually happened […]

COVID-19 Mutation, Pound Slumping Ahead of Christmas

Dec. 21, 2020

Shutdowns Spread Across Europe The Pound collapsed more than 2% at the beginning of the week, following reports that a new strain of the coronavirus has hit the United Kingdom, and that Prime Minister Boris Johnson stiffened local restrictions. Brexit talks also fell short as negotiators failed to reach an agreement on the trade deal […]