Three Cryptocurrencies That Are Making Big Moves

Mar. 01, 2019

Cryptomarket  Wakes From Winter Nap The cryptocurrency winter-of-discontent is coming to an end. After more than a year of bear market conditions activity is up across the board. The major currencies have all seen double digit gains over the past two months and more are on the way. While the entire market is moving, there […]

Bitcoin Crashes! Is The New Rally Already Over?

Feb. 25, 2019

Bitcoin and a host of other major cryptocurrencies shed more than 10% over the weekend. The sell-off was sharp, fast, and unexpected given the growing bullish sentiment we’ve seen over the past month. Bitcoin is now trading at a one-week low and market watchers are wondering if the selling is over. The selling might not […]

The Dollar Is Poised To Move, But Which Way Is In Question

Feb. 22, 2019

The Dollar Is On Support, In The Middle Of A Range The US Dollar Index has been winding up within a trading range and looks ready to make a move. The problem is that it is wound up near the middle of said range with little indication of which way it will go. On the […]

Forex Majors – Technical Overview And Weekly Price Forecasts

Feb. 19, 2019

Dollar Is Strengthening  The week ahead is sprinkled with a few volatility-triggering events, especially for the greenback, which appears to be strengthening across the board. The Fed is back in the spotlight this week with the release of the Meeting Minutes so we can expect strong moves Wednesday on most majors. EUR/USD – Technical Outlook […]

Bitcoin Cash ABC, The Twice-Forked Coin

Feb. 15, 2019

The first fork to Bitcoin had to do with it’s block size; the team failed to reach consensus and as a result, a hard fork occurred. This gave birth to the original Bitcoin Cash in August 2017. All users who held Bitcoin then had the same amount of Bitcoin Cash, instant free money. But the […]

There Are Clear Signs Of Bullish Pressure In The Cryptocurrency Market

Feb. 12, 2019

Weekly Outlook – What’s Going On With Monero, Dash, EOS and Stellar The crypto market is starting to show minor yet clear signs of bullish pressure, with more and more coins jumping to double digit percentage gains over the last few days. The overall market capitalization holds steady around $120 billion but don’t jump on […]

Read This Stunning Review Of The Top Four Hard-Fork Coins Now

Feb. 08, 2019

The Big “4KS”: Bitcoin SV, Bitcoin Cash (ABC), Bitcoin Gold And Ethereum Classic Consensus of the community is a big part of decentralization but unfortunately it is not always achieved and differences arise. These difference can lead to divergences within the dev teams of cryptocurrencies and those lead to the so called “fork”. There are […]

Bitcoin And Altcoins To Become Legal Money

Feb. 04, 2019

Wyoming “Digital Assets” Bill.  The Wyoming Senate passed last week a bill that supports the recognition of digital currencies as personal property. The bill has passed the Senate with a 28-1 vote and is now headed to the House. If it becomes law, it would subject cryptocurrency to the same rules as money and would […]

The New Improved Smart Contract Cryptocurrency You Should Know About

Jan. 31, 2019

NEO – The “Chinese Ethereum”.  Dubbed the “Ethereum killer” or “Chinese Ethereum”, NEO was initially launched in February 2014 under the name Antshares and later rebranded as NEO in June 2017. The main digital asset is NEO which is a non-divisible token that generates GAS tokens (the latter is divisible). GAS can be used to […]

US Natural Gas Price Sinks Amid Mild Winter

Jan. 28, 2019

The United States has seen a winter with warmer than average temperatures and, consequently, gas stocks have slumped back to their previous low level. Futures prices at the Henry Hub in February 2019 have fallen from $3 per million British thermal units from its peak of $4.80 in middle of November. Gas stocks saw a […]