UK Crackdown Sends Scam Brokers Running Scared

Oct. 20, 2017

Regulators And Law Enforcement Swoop In On Fraudulent Brokers City of London Police with the help of the FCA have swooped in on a number of fraudulent brokers operating within the city limits. The raid was conducted with the assistance of the FCA and Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs office and targeted 20 firms accused […]

Blockchain Based Trading Coming To Cryptocurrency Market

Oct. 12, 2017

The Open Trading Network, Coming To A Broker Near You The another cryptocurrency firm is about to issue its first round of tokens. Unlike others this blockchain startup will not be pursuing the typical route of initial coin offering. Why? Because of the growing stigma attached to such offerings, a stigma driven by fraud and […]

CryptoCurrency Market Outlook October 2017

Oct. 06, 2017

Headwinds And Catalysts The cryptocurrency market has recovered from a recent correction. This correction was driven, caused rather, by China’s decision to ban ICO’s and rumors it would ban all cryptocurrency trading. The correction deepened as rumor after rumor surfaced in the market finally reaching an extreme just prior to confirmation of the news. In […]

Breaking! Canada Bans, New Zealand Accepts Binary

Sep. 28, 2017

Breaking New! Canada Bans Binary Options! In breaking news I have just learned that Canada has made it official. Binary options are illegal in the country. The move comes after years of attack from outside sources using binary options to commit fraud against Canadians. If you have been following the issue you are well aware […]

China Bans Crypto, Provides Buying Opportunity

Sep. 15, 2017

It’s Official, China Bans Bitcoin In news leaked early today China has made it official, Bitcoin is banned within China. According to Coindesk documents and statements from exchange officials there has been a verbal instruction to cease operations by September 15th, effecting and immediate shut down. The reason, these exchanges are operating foreign exchange businesses […]

Non Plussed By Non Farm Payrolls

Sep. 01, 2017

There’s Growth But It’s Only Growing So Fast The August read on the non farm payrolls data was positive, supports the idea of economic growth, shows a steady 2.5% YOY increase in wages but nonetheless did not impress the market. And that is a good thing in some ways. If the number had been too […]

Market Update: Crypto Currencies Are Breaking Out

Aug. 25, 2017

Another Leg Higher For Crypto Currency With all the uncertainty in the world it is not wonder that more and more people are turning to cryptocurrency. Over the last week news has hit the market telling of Argentine Bitcoin miners using the digital token to avoid hyper-inflation, businesses around the globe flocking to blockchains on […]

Regulation Takes Its Toll

Aug. 11, 2017

FinanceMagnates Tracks Massive Decline In Binary Options Activity FinanceMagnates working in conjunction with CPattern has developed a tracking tool for the binary options industry that is quite telling. Referred to as the FTD or First Time Deposit benchmark this tool tracks not only the number of depositors but the amount and averages. According to them […]

Non Farm Payrolls Lifts Dollar

Aug. 04, 2017

Dollar Index Surges From 18 Month Low The Non Farm Payrolls data was stronger than expected but not all that strong. It came in at 209,000 with positive revision to previous months and right in the markets sweet spot. The number at once reaffirms current economic outlook and relieves the market of some near term […]

US Dollar Outlook Steadies After GDP Release

Jul. 28, 2017

Near Term Weakens But . . . The US dollar weakened Friday morning after the release of US 2nd quarter GDP data. The data was strong at 2.6% but only as-expected and there was a downward revision to the previous month which seemed to accelerate the near term down trend. By mid morning the tables […]