Alert, Cryptocurreny Market Updates And More That You Need To Know

Jul. 06, 2018

The Big Squeeze Is On For Bitcoin Traders Bitcoin has bounced off its long term low and key support level in a move that looks like it could go higher. The problem is that it is still fighting resistance at its short term 30 EMA and having a hard time getting across it. The world’s […]

What Is Trans-Fee Mining, And Why You Should Care

Jun. 29, 2018

IQOption Is A Leader In Trans-Fee Mining Trans-Fee Mining is the latest buzzword in the cryptocurrency world and you should be paying attention to it. First launched by Fcoin (not really, IQOption was the first to offer a token to cover commissions) the method involves cryptocurrency exchanges issuing their own tokens as a reward for […]

The Cryptocurrency Market Is In Distress, The Time To Buy Is Now

Jun. 22, 2018

A Buying Opportunity Of Historic Proportions Just when you though cryptocurrencies couldn’t move any lower they do, but for no apparent reason. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and the other top ten currencies have all shed nearly 10% in the hours leading up to this post and look like they could keep moving lower. The reason is […]

Ethereum Is Down, But Not For Long

Jun. 15, 2018

This Is Why Ethereum Will Lead The Rebound The entire cryptocurrency market fell hard last week as a double shot of negative news hit the market. The first, a paper published by students at the University of Texas, says that Bitcoin’s price run up in 2017 was due to Tether Dollar manipulation. Tether Dollar, a […]

Market Outlook June 2018, Opportunity Is Everywhere

Jun. 08, 2018

Sell In May And Go Away? No Way The summer 2018 trading season is upon and markets are gearing up for big moves. Everywhere you look are markets suppressed by sentiment and yet supported by fundamentals and trend. The combination is no where more evident than in the equities markets. The US broad market S&P […]

Alert! Korea Rules Cryptocurrencies Are Valuable Assets

Jun. 01, 2018

South Korea’s Landmark Decision South Korea has long been a hotbed of cryptocurrency activity. Not only are many of the exchanges and traders located in the country but much of the technology which drives blockchain is produced there. The country’s politicians have been locked in a battle over the past half year or more as […]

Apple Share Price Rollercoaster

May. 29, 2018

Does Apple Volatility Suit Traders? Apple, the world’s most valuable tech company, has been on a bit of a share price roller-coaster in recent months. Its shares came under significant pressure during the run-up to the company’s most recent earnings report as rumours swirled that iPhone X sales had significantly underperformed against the company’s expectations. […]

Bitcoin Is Falling, This Is Why

May. 25, 2018

They’re Investigating, So What? The CFTC and US Justice Department have launched a joint investigation into alleged market manipulation within the Bitcoin market. The news sparked a sell-off in the currency that is misplaced as neither agency has much authority beyond the boundaries of the US. The press released mentions unnamed actors within the Bitcoin […]

Facebook Weathering Storm

May. 23, 2018

Facebook investments grow in value thanks to exceptional ad sales performance Facebook was expected by many to report a quarterly income decline, due to the difficult few months the social media brand has had. However, despite being rocked by a series of data-sharing scandals and a fall in user hours, the social networking company is […]

US/China Trade Talks Have Markets On Edge

May. 18, 2018

Trade War Or A New Age Of Trade Trade talks between China and the US are underway in Washington, D.C. The talks, aimed at ending the possibility of trade war between the two super-powers, got off to a shaky start as comments from President Trump and rumors of strife within the US delegation made headlines. […]