Suspended Patisserie Valerie Opportunity?

Oct. 25, 2018

Cash injection saves Patisserie Valerie Patisserie Valerie has been pulled back from the brink of collapsing by entrepreneur Luke Johnson, who has provided the company with a £20 million loan. £10m Over Three Years Mr Johnson, who currently owns 37% of the company, has agreed to provide £10 million for a three year period, which […]

Bitcoin Languishes While US Equities Are Poised To Rebound

Oct. 19, 2018

Will Bitcoin Ever Move Higher? The price of Bitcoin has been languishing at long-term lows for many months. The coin has tried to rally several times in that period and recently broken out of a down-trending channel. The move had traders hopes high and yet still no rally has formed, no market follow-through is seen, […]

FTSE Markets Suffer Amid GBP Rises And US Bond Selloff

Oct. 17, 2018

In early October, the FTSE 100 closed at 7318 points – which is 99.8 points down. To put that number in context, that’s a decline of 1.15% across the index. The FTSE 250 also suffered a dip of 170 points, closing at 19,918 points. The decline has since continued, with the Footsie hovering just above […]

Now Is The Best Time For You To Buy Stocks

Oct. 12, 2018

This Is How You Should Trade Equity Markets Now The US equity market and the equity markets of countries around the world corrected on the eve of peak earnings season. The major global indices fell more than 7% in most cases, driven lower by fear of rising interest rates and declining earnings growth, but the […]

Comcast Sky Takeover – Volatility Ahead?

Oct. 10, 2018

Shareholders in media broadcasting company Sky will be rubbing their hands with glee as the price of Sky shares has doubled in the past year. The American cable operator Comcast won the auction sale for Sky on 22 September, with shareholders achieving a valuation of £17.83 per share. Sky Takeover Numbers The Comcast purchase of […]

Now Is The Time Bitcoin Will Make A Big Move

Oct. 05, 2018

This Is The Hot Debate; Which Way Will Bitcoin Move Now The Bitcoin market is wound up wondering about regulation. Regardless the outcome, BTC is set up to make a big move. The question now is which way will it be and the answer is tied to regulation. The cryptocurrency market faces dubious regulation in […]

Time To Buy Gold?

Oct. 03, 2018

Since the first quarter of this year, gold prices have tumbled over 12%. But do prices still have further to drop, or has the commodity now reached oversold territory, meaning a bounce could be imminent? Safe Haven Status While gold is traditionally considered a safe-haven asset, the trade spat between the US and China has […]

This Is What You Should Expect From The FOMC

Sep. 21, 2018

This Is Why A Rate Hike Isn’t That Important The FOMC is due to meet next week and by all accounts they are expected to raise rates. While a rate hike will be a dollar-positive event it is most likely already baked into the market expectation and may not produce a rally. The news that […]

This Is The Most Important Cryptocurrency News Of The Week

Sep. 14, 2018

This Is The News You Need To Know About The cryptocurrency market quietly bounced back over the past week as a number of positive events occurred within the industry. The market still has quite a ways to go to recover the losses incurred in 2018 but it looks like the bloodbath is over. Topping the […]

This Is Why The Dollar Will Rally This Year

Sep. 07, 2018

Wage Inflation Will Move The Dollar The US non-farm payrolls report was released today and was much as expected. Job gains were strong, unemployment is low and wages continue to rise. While several points within the report were tepid compared to expectation there is one that will move the dollar; average hourly earnings. Average hourly […]