Bitcoin Market Analysis: The Halvening, Don’t Forget About The Halvening …

Apr. 27, 2020

Bitcoin Caught A Cold Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies were not immune to the coronavirus pandemic. As global equities shed their 35%+ over the course of February and March so too did the world’s leading cryptocurrency. Bitcoin, down a staggering 62% in that time frame, has since hit bottom and bounced. The question now is, what can […]

The Dollar Outlook Is … Bullish?

Apr. 23, 2020

The Dollar Outlook Is Bullish With A Heavy Dose Of Caution If one thing is certain, the past say eight weeks have been especially tough to trade. The markets have been incredibly sensitive to news, news of any kind, and whipsaw has been the name of the game. When it comes to the dollar, I […]

Equity Market Outlook: Earnings Season Is At Hand

Apr. 20, 2020

The Rebound Is On Last week marked the beginning of the first quarter earnings season. The banks were in the spotlight, many of them missing expectations by large margins, but there were mitigating factors. The banks, for the most part, have been raising the capital reserves in preparation for the viral-fallout and that cut into […]

Dollar Market Outlook: Bullish Despite Stimulus Efforts

Apr. 16, 2020

The Dollar Is Poised To Move Higher With volatility beginning to settle down trend-following traders like myself will find it easier to pinpoint trades. To that end, today’s post is a look at the dollar and the Dollar Index for clues into what may come next. The bottom line, despite a mind-shattering amount of economic […]

Oil Price Outlook: Will WTI Bottom Now That OPEC+ Has A Deal?

Apr. 13, 2020

WTI: A Bottom, Maybe, But Don’t Count On It The Oil Price War has been a major drag on the broad market indices since it began. WTI and Brent were both down more than 50% from their pre-war highs at one point and threaten to undermine a key world industry. The price war helped send […]

Market Psychology: Buy The Rumor Sell The News

Apr. 09, 2020

Back To The Trading Basics Of Market Psychology One of the many facets of trading important to your long-term success is understanding market psychology. When it comes to trading basics, understanding market psychology is among the hardest concepts because money makes people stupid (including yourself/myself) and stupid people do irrational things. The market, all the […]

Trading Basics: This Is What A Trend Following Signal Looks Like

Apr. 06, 2020

The Bottom, It May Be In Over the last few weeks I’ve been reviewing the basics of trading. Basics like support and resistance, trading with volatility, getting the big picture with multiple time frame analysis, understanding the difference between a target and a signal, and how to tell when the market has bottomed. In today’s […]

What To Know About The March NFP Report

Apr. 03, 2020

Wow, That Was A Big Number The Non-Farm Payrolls report was expected to be bad but man, that was a big number. The 701,000 jobs lost in March was well above the analysts expectations and the ADP report showing just how bad the coronavirus impact is. The difference between the ADP report and the NFP […]

What Is Volatility? Friend Or Foe It’s A Part Of Trading

Mar. 30, 2020

Volatility Can Cut Both Ways Volatility. It’s a word I’ve been hearing a lot lately because it is here, its in the market, and its going to stay. Trying to pin down what exactly volatility means can be little tricky though because it can be applied to the market in a couple of ways. Bottom […]

Trading Basics: Don’t Forget About The Big Picture

Mar. 27, 2020

Get Perspective With Multiple Time Frame Analysis When the market is moving fast and volatility is high, or even just at times when it is moving against you, it pays to get a new perspective. It is all too easy to get caught up in a chart, focusing on what is happening right now, and […]