MarketsWorld Holiday Bonus Contest

Ring In The New Year With MarketsWorld Holiday Bonus Contest

MarketsWorld, a long time leader in regulated binary options trading, has done it again. The broker, headquartered and regulated on the Isle of Mann, has launched a Holiday Bonus Contest for new and active traders. The contest is worth a cool $1,000 to the three traders who come in tops, plus the admiration of traders around the world. If you think you have what it takes, or even if you don’t and just want to do some trading, all you have to do is open an account, or trade the one you already have. Minimum Deposit is $20, minimum trade is $1 so you really don’t have to spend a lot of money to enter.

Entry is easy, all real money account holders are automatically entered. This includes current account holders as well as new accounts but does not include bonus money you have already accepted. Only real money trades will count. The contest has three prizes based on your total ITM rate for the period, whoever makes the most individual winning trades and whoever wins the most cash. To be eligible you must make at least 100 trades, only one prize will be awarded per person, household or IP address. If the same trader wins more than one trade they will only be awarded one prize and the 2nd place winners in the other categories will become the winners.

  • Best ITM Rate – The trader with the highest winning trades rate will win this prize. There is a 100 trade minimum to ensure that skill and not luck are what win the day.
  • Most Individual Trades Won – The trader who wins the most trades, regardless of the win rate, will win this prize. You don’t have to be the most successful trader, just the most prolific.
  • Most Cash Won – This prize goes to the trader with the biggest Jingle Bells, the one who can handle the most risk and show a profit. To win here you will need to make a lot of trades and make some big bets.

The contest is already underway but there is still time to get in, and win. It started December 7th, 2016 and will run until January 5th. Winners will be announced soon after that. All winnings will be paid in bonus money so there are some terms attached. First, there is a 50X turnover on the bonus amount, so $50,000, that must be met before it can be withdrawn. In addition, the bonus money will not be released from your Bonus Account to your Real Money account for trading or withdrawal until the turnover is met, which is kind of a drag but has a flipside; your deposit and real money are always withdrawable and making a withdrawal will never cancel out the bonus. Turnover and bonus money is tracked on your My Account page so that you can keep close tabs on it.

MarketsWorld Contest, Is It Worth It?

This contest is most definitely worth it. The bottom line, you don’t have to do anything to enter, if you were already going to trade a win would just be an extra gift. As for the bonus terms if you win, again, if you were already going to trade there is no reason not to enter this contest. MarketsWorld has one of the most progressive and easy to use bonus systems in the industry, they are really a reward for trading. The bonus is never added to your account until after you meet the turnover so it will never impair your trading, or your ability to withdraw. In my opinion this contest is a win, even if you lose.

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