, The Ultimate Affiliate Scam

This may be the ultimate in affiliate scams because I have faith it is not the ultimate in binary options trading software. This website is putting itself off as a trading signal tool with absolutely no cost, a money back guarantee if it did and free access today with out putting in any personal details. At first I was intrigued as I always am. I enjoy checking out new websites, new tools, new strategies and then eventually uncovering the scam that lay beneath. Good thing this one did not disappoint me. As I said I was intrigued by their approach because I could not find a trace of scam…at first, but more about that in a minute.

What Is The BinaryOptionsUltimatum?

This a black box style of trading tool developed by Josh Copeland. He is your typical trader turned millionaire who just can’t wait to share his secret with you. He tells a story of how he worked hard as a computer programmer until he found forex. Then he discovered that forex trading was too hard, poor thing, and turned to binary options. After a short period of mediocre trading he put his programming skills to work and developed a method of trading based on new signals he created. Now, he spends his days  lounging around the pool while on vacation whenever he is not helping all of us make more money. In fact, he is so confident he claims that you could “lose thousands without this system”. My question is, how many thousands am I going to lose if I use it?


This is how it works. You download his program and use MT4 or other source for key pieces of market data such as price, etc. You enter those data into the program and it then spits out trading instructions, simple as that. All you have to do is wait for the conditions to be met, place the trade and wait for you account to swell, as Mr. Copeland puts it. He claims that with this system you can make 395% in one month trading only a few minutes a week or spend more time and make upwards of 431% in one week, pretty impressive. The best thing is you don’t need any experience, you don’t waste time, it takes no money and there is no risk because he gives a money back guarantee. Too bad the guarantee doesn’t cover the money you are going to lose using his software, just the non existent purchase price because it is free for a limited time only.

The Plot Thickens

Of course I am skeptical, It’s what I do, if you couldn’t tell by now you need you sarcasm meter checked. Aside from the obvious marketing lay out of the website the first clue is the need to give a email address. This isn’t a real red flag, I can’t knock a guy for wanting to collect a little info and build his website traffic, it’s what bloggers do. The real warning was all the claims that you would not need to divulge information in order to get your free trial. All directly above the place to enter your email. OK, as I said it wasn’t a really strong warning and by this point I was curious enough without a real indication of scam that I gave up my email address to see what I would get and like a Jack-In-The-Box the affiliate marketing scam popped up and smacked me in the face.

Ultimatum: Scam Alert

In order to get the free at no cost money back guarantee no personal information required access to this wonderful trading software you have to sign up and fund a binary options account. And guess what, they have a link right there to the broker of their choice, GTOptions. You see, you don’t have to give any info to Ultimatum, just to GTOptions. This is now at the top of my list of marketing scams for it’s sheer brilliance. It worked well enough for me to spring the trap unlike other websites whose attempts are so obvious you can see the trap among the BS. What’s really dissapointing is the affiliate marketing scam popped up before I could ask questions like “are you freaking serious”. Does this guy seriously think that I am going to use his little black box to make my trades. That, to me, is the riskiest type of trading you can do. No only that, if this system really is so good why is he wasting his time with this marketing scheme? He should be on the beach like he said, not trying to lure unsuspecting traders into his web.