Best and worst of Binary Options 2015

Can you believe it’s been another year? It seems like just yesterday we were reviewing 2014 and picking the best and worst of last year. A lot has changed this year from new regulations and new brokers to the lengths that scammers will go to but one thing remains the same; binary trading is here to stay. This year we’ve stayed true to the original and reviewed what think is the best broker, the best signals provider, the worst broker and the evil marketer of the year.

2015 Evil Marketer AwardBinaryOptions_Evil_Marketing_Award_SMALL

This year our evil marketer award goes out to Virtnext. This is a free software package that is “guaranteed to make you $18,000 a month”. The basics are the same as many scams you see today, it’s an autotrader that you link your account to, one you open with their approved broker, so that you can benefit from their algorithm. What makes this one so different from many scams is that they created this long video with a seemingly legit businessman explaining how this system is guaranteed to work and has worked in the past. He talks in depth about the market, how Virtnext uses data to get signals, the people behind Virtnext and success they have had in the past. All of it is very convincing except for one thing. The man is of course an actor and one you can find on the popular freelance site Fiverr. What makes this scam really interesting is that it has gotten approval from the Binary Option Watchdog who we all know is Michael Freeman and if you don’t know who he is then check out the winner of last years Evil Marketer Award.

“Safeoption is not safe, They are scammers especially in association with Virtnext, they stole $300 from me, never deposit with them!”

The Worst Binary Options Broker Of The Year BinaryOptions_WORST_Broker_SMALL

The worst broker of the year is no surprise, quite the opposite. What is a surprise is that this much hated and well known shady broker is still around, or hasn’t cleaned up its act. If you haven’t guessed by now we are talking about Banc De Binary. This broker has been struggling ever since they hit the headlines trying to edge in on the US market and haven’t quite figured out how to make it back to trusted status. Well, we can tell them how to do it, be trustworthy. No matter what they do this broker generates high levels of complaints and this is despite being regulated (which goes to show that CySEC regulation still means very little). Customer service is terrible, reps are pushy and only want you to deposit more so their account managers can lose your money for you. It’s too bad they are doing such a bad job. From Our Forums:

“I have some small experience with Banc De Binary! Customer service is terrible, they were calling me “like hell” (after this i’m not providing my real ph. no.) tried to convince me deposit more money! I made some money trading on my own and then with help of my “account manager” lost some and he said that i have to deposit more to make more… funny a bit, he helped me lose some money and started complain that I don’t have “enough” money on my account! After that I withdrawal all my money and finish with them! I do not recomed this broker!”

Best Binary Options Signals Provider 2015 BinaryOptions_Best_Signals_Provider_SMALL

Signal providers seemed to sprout like weeds in 2015 but one stands out from the rest in terms of usability, functionality and trader satisfaction and that is This is a centralized location for getting robot and human signals from a trusted source. The basic membership is only $49.99 and the first month is free. The basic service gets you full access to the robots and from there you can subscribe to the live human based feeds as you like. These range from $4.99 to $39.99 and cover all types of trading styles. The Hive, as it is known by users, is more than just signals though. There are live chat rooms where users can talk to the staff, pro traders and other users to get the most out of the experience. There is also the Blue Sky Binary educational center where members can learn the fundamental and technical basis for the signals being generated. We like this service because 1, the signals are good when used correctly; 2, tools are provided to ensure traders are successful and 3, it comes at a low cost and can even be had for free with a deposit if you haven’t already chosen a broker.

“Marvelous effort by BSB. In terms of transparency and true results reflections I believe they are second to none. Kudos for such a genuine platform.”


BinaryOptions.Net Best Broker Of The Year 2015 BinaryOptions_Best_Broker_SMALL has won for the second year in a row. We’ve chosen this broker for a number of reasons but the top are for reliability of withdrawals and service. This broker does what it takes to meet their clients needs while providing relatively fair trading. MarketsWorld has been around since the beginning of the industry and has been operating as a top broker the entire time. It is regulated by the Isle Of Man GSC, a determining factor in our choice, and comes with four key features that include high payouts, low deposits, low trade sizes and quick withdrawals. Since last year the site has only gotten better. The most noticeable changes are that the low deposit of $20 is now even lower, only $10, while payouts remain high. Payouts are often in the range of 90% depending on volatility but can go as high as 100% in many cases. Bonus terms are also pretty easy and another factor in our choice. All bonus monies are held in separate accounts which means your deposit and profits are always withdrawable. Some comments from members of the community:

“MarketsWorld is a great broker as they won’t bug you ever and withdrawal is fast, 48 hours and sometimes even 24 hours with no one asking you why you want to withdraw. “

“MarketsWorld has a segregated bonus so that’s no issue…”