Binary Options Expert Signals (BOES) Review

A Review of Binary Options Expert Signals (BOES)

Binary Options Expert Signals (BOES) is a new signal service that provides trade signals to its subscribers to enable them profit from trading currency, index and commodity binary options. This product comes from the same company that offers Binary Options Stock Signals.

Commodities, currencies and stock indices complete the basket of asset derivatives traded in the binary options market. Currency binary options are traded 24 hours of the day to reflect the round the clock nature of the forex market, while commodities and stock indices are only traded when the respective exchanges on which they are listed are open for business.

The unique selling proposition of Binary Options Expert Signals is that traders are able to make up to 75% of invested capital per trade, and that this can be achieved without the use of complicated algorithms or complicated software. Binary Options Expert Signals requires that subscribers open trading accounts with “approved brokers” through the Binary Options Expert Signals affiliate link. Binary Options Expert Signals promises its subscribers the following:

1) B.O.S.S. signals for 7 markets delivered via email to subscribers daily. There is also a bonus of signals for three extra markets, and these are available to subscribers who take immediate action.

2) Access to a Member’s Area with valuable tips and info.

3) List of recommended brokers for best executions and payoffs.

4) Lifetime updates to service.

5) Subscription rate locked for life; meaning that subscribers never have to pay any increased rates.

6) An unprecedented 60 days money-back guarantee.

With the BOES signals service, new subscribers are allowed to try out the service for 30 days at a discounted price of just $49, after which subscribers will be required to pay $97 a month for the service if they decide to continue. There are also various rebate options for depositing with one of the preferred brokers.

Review of BOES Services

1)      There have been many independent testimonials provided as to the accuracy of the trade signals. This makes up for the seemingly price subscription costs. In essence, profits made pay for themselves several times all over.

2)      Presently, Binary Options Expert Signals services and trade alerts are accessible by email and in the members’ area. We would advise traders to ensure that they add this company’s email to their safe sender’s list or to their address book so that all email trade alerts are received into the inbox of subscribers and not filtered out as spam. Many traders neglect to do this and it takes a while to discover that trade alerts have actually been sent but have all been pushed off as spam. Binary Options Expert Signals subscribers will benefit from options of sending trade signals such as the use of SMS to avoid delays in signal delivery.

3)      The money-back guaranteed removes all element of risk from the subscriber, who has two full months to decide if the service is worth its salt or not.

4)      The subscriber can actually ensure that he gets 30 days worth of free signals by simply depositing either $1000 to iOption for a full rebate, or $100 for a $29 rebate off the $49 initial trial subscription price.

From all accounts, the only criticism of Binary Options Expert Signals is that the training videos on its website are quite heavy and take some time to load and play. The company therefore needs to improve on this so that subscribers will not be left hanging about how to utilize the trade signals once they are sent.