Last day of the month and all I can see is RUN RUN RUN! The big guys are doing this end of month stuff as you can see by the strange moves in the market. Even with this I am 8 wins 2 losses for today. Still not an easy market as the ranges are in an odd flux almost like bipolar price action “oh yes” range 1 minute, then next minute “oh no” no range lol. I am sure more discretionary traders are having a harder result in todays market. Lucky for me though the ranges are mixed the overall signals have worked out very well and I have found some beautiful trades!

First trade off the block was the Gold sell a favorite of min as the price dropped at the exact expected time and tomorrow nov 1st I bet you get a similar drop around this time ;) from above 1721 it drops very quickly under 20 does blip back up still stays in the low 1720s till its next leg under 1720.

The Dax has been one going through some odds price movements that are making it more difficult to trade as of late so I may be looking at other pairs instead as you can see after the signal the range is less then 5 points! This is not the kind of flow I like to see from my baby Dax! I think it needs a time out till further notice lol.

Again consolidated ranges, still the EUR/GBP I have been trading a bit more as the data suggests a higher win rate on this pair as of late. As it moves into expiry time the price turns solidly to the expected move. I like to see the price expiry towards the top or bottom of a move that tells me the instrument is trading accordingly and gives me higher confidence and interest in taking trades there.

AUSSIE IN PLAY! Loving the Aussie as of late and is making up a good percentage of my trades today. As you can see it made this like triple top though it cycled back to entry it never stayed there long and towards expiry it dropped solidly into it. This again is what I like to see but not only did it do it in sync with my ALGOs it did it with range too as the movement was about 7pips. On currencies I like to see 5-10 pips after a signal occurs.

The Double Play. I don’t often take a sell on a pair right after I was in a long. In this case I did because the sync on the 10sec 1min 5min was perfect. Its not often you will get such a perfect confluence up and down but in this case as you can see the price respected the time both long from 12:04 to 12:15 then from 12:15 to 12:30 perfectly.

This was my second favorite trade of the day, even with the wonky bars. Confidence was high in this very small time window on a combination 10sec/1min signal from 2:53 to 3pm expiry. You can’t see it by the bars of price but the overall ticks and how they acted inside there were very positive for the trade and my actual entry with my Bin broker was under a pip from the low. Again the aussie had nice action on the ALGO signal only the range was missing on this trade. Going into the last hour of trading I am sure big guys were closing out orders on this adding to the odd movements once again in the market today. In the next post I will go over some more healthy habits in sleep and what you eat and drink while trading. This can have an impact on your trading even if you don’t really think about it. Until next time, Enjoy!