MBFX-Value Chart Challenge

There has been a lot of hype about this MBFX-Value Chart method/system. I was asked by a binary options friend to contribute to the system with my ALGO signals. I will be at my parents next week and if I am not out surfing then I will be in here –> BinaryOptions.net Live Chat So if you ever wanted to talk to me in person/live over the net and see live video of what I am doing, here is your chance! The goal will be for education and advanced social interaction lol “sounds good” The past week I have had to adjust to the new setup and its been very very time consuming specially with trading as now I have over 2x more binary options signals that I am getting and the balance of keeping my win rate high has been very much a challenge. As well I am expanding out into doing live videos and exploring different forms of social media for advanced eduction/interaction in the near future! I have lots of ideas I am working on to implement as you can see above with the MBFX-Value Chart Challenge. I mean what a great way to talk to me live and hear and see what I am doing as it happens!

This signal on Gold was atypical dropped from 7:45 to 7:55 then shot back up as you can see right after. A very good trade overall as a demonstration. I was getting signals left and right it was like fishing for blue fish in october when they come to shore in a feeding frenzy. You can sometimes hook 2 fish at a time on 1 hook, as they go absolutely mad!

This was another signal on the GU that was a fantastic trade as it first spiked up past my entry and I though “Oh boy” but the last few mins it spikes down quick and expires right near the lows on the put. Felt like a horse race where the longshot comes back and then wins in the end lol! I was still tweaking my new setup wends so I did not take as many screenshots, this is why I will wrap up 3 days of trading in this one post :)

I could say this was my favorite trade thurs but really it was a tie with the later Dow trade you will see. This Dax signal was as perfect as I could get, the fills I had on my binary options platform were perfect for the exact times of 5:44 to 5:56 then short from 5:56 till 6:10. This type of 2fer trade where I go long then short or vice versa is happening more now with my new setup adding to my increased trading.

Now this was another 2fer trade but instead of a long/short or short/long this was a continuation signal where the 10sec 1min 5min all pointed lower in synchronicity from 6:25 till 7:35. I took expires on this one foward out from 6:25 till 7:30. It was a very nice combination that worked out well.

This EU buy was almost perfect as I caught near the low in price and more then a few people in the chat room tagged along on this one which was a very clear signal and the reaction afterwards was just perfect. As soon as 8:30 hit the sucker dropped like a rock as you can see by the chart above, before continuing in the upward direction. This is likely due to bigger computer buying programs ending exactly at that time then the institutions re-picked up their buying on the drop as you can see the continuation back up after the brief pause.

I would give this trade the EDGE over the Dax as the best trade of the day if not technically then emotionally lol. The high drama on this trade was fantastic. I first had the sell above 12580s to 12530s then low 12530s back to 12580s. It first went nuts after my entry then ticked down to around 12520 and made me think wow I guess this signal was not going to work out then It spikes up crazy fast. I would not believe the entries on this from anybody, problem is I made this call realtime in the chat room both down and up at those exact times and minutes ahead before the trades ever happened lol. A really beautiful high drama in my binary option trading day :) 100% crazy and fun!

Friday I did not care for as much as it was streaky for me both ways. I did not do as well from the previous 2 days, only with some silly martingale applications for the trading day did I wind up closing out my bottom line @ new highs. I don’t often apply martingale applications to my trading, but if I am fighting the market and see a trade that looks like manipulation as I did friday, I will take some chances. But no more then risking my days profits as a limit and if I busted out taking my balance back where I started for the day, I would accept the loss and wait for another day. In this case I was able to extend my wins and end the day ahead @ new highs for the day and week :) Still a very bipolar day of trading imo to close out the week. Again next week if you want to talk and watch me trade live, feel free to come and join the MBFX-Value Chart Challenge here –> BinaryOptions.net Live Chat <– Should be alot of fun!