Legal Insider Bot Is A Scam

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I am here to warn you about the “Legal Insider Bot” which should imo be called “Illegal Insider BooB” instead. Its a scam that tries to convince you that they “GUARANTEE” your money is safe vs losses. But if you look at the fine print you can clearly see they only do that for 7 days and then if you have a loss the money you lose will be treated as a “BONUS” which will trap you until you meet the requirements. Its 100% garbage and the firms I see connected with it are garbage too “Banc De Binary” and “BeeOptions” both firms I would stay well away from.

As you see in the video a fiverr paid actor was used and he is as much a money manager of a hedge fund as I am Pimp running hookers, except the odds of me being a pimp are much higher then him being a money manager. So don’t fall for gimmicks like this from low life brokers and affiliate marketers that are only out to get your money in their pockets!

legal insider bot scam

In closing to illustrate the scam tactics used here with pointing to large sums of money being used with “$500,000 SPECIAL INSURANCE”
All key words to get you to buy into their scam. Its a limited time “7 days” “BONUS TRAP” that is designed to seperate you from your money! After the 7 days it the bot will lose your money that is trapped in the bonus scheme where the broker and affiliate marketer is paid and you are left holding the SCAM BAG! So don’t DEPOSIT! As always with these types of scams by JV marketers do not give them your EMAIL or else you will be spammed forever!