IQOptions Monthly Trade Data Helps Drive Your Trading Profits

Statistics Say You Should Be Trading

Believe it or not the statistics say you should be trading. Not only that, the newest internal trade Data from IQOptions shows you should be trading, what you should be trading and when you should be trading it. As a technician and short-term trader I have to say I like the information IQOptions monthly trade data provides because it helps keep me from wasting time. Like they say, time is money so why bother trading assets that are not producing results and time periods that will end up draining your account.

First up May trading profits, and by profits I mean profits made by traders not the profits IQOption made off of us, were nearly $3.00 million dollars. That’s quite a chunk of change for the broker to pay out and if true, quite an indication of their dedication to operate legitimately. For us traders this means there is a very liquid pool of cash attached to IQ’s trading platform and one that can be tapped for profits.

And now on to the truly relevant information. The top five assets in terms of trader profits are the EUR/USD, GBP/USD, EUR/GBP, GBP/JPY and Facebook. The top asset, EUR/USD, commands more than 47.25% of all profits paid and the top five together nearly 70% which means these are the assets you want to be trading. Not only are they among the top traded assets worldwide with millions of followers generating trade relevant information they are the most liquid assets on the IQOption platform. When it comes to trading you can rest assured these assets will be available when you want them with little to no risk they’ll be removed. If you start making a ton of profits on some obscure asset no one else is trading the broker could easily decide it isn’t worth their time to support it any more.

When it comes to option types the short-term options delivered the most profits, nearly 80% of the total paid out. The longer term high/low options delivered another 16% with the rest attributable to one touch. This means a couple of things. First and foremost is that most traders are trading short-term. Second is that short-term trading is producing results, but so are the other forms of trading. So long as you stick with the more popular assets trading longer term and one touch is liquid and can be profitable.

The most profitable times for trading center around the open of the European and US markets. According to IQ data the period 12:00 to 16:00 EET (6:00AM to 10:00AM Eastern Time NYC) is the most profitable time period which means it is the most active and liquid time to be trading. As a trader we want to focus on this time period for liquidity of course but also because this is when the market will be most engaged with prices and the signals will be the strongest. The next most profitable period is 16:00 to 20:00 EET which equates to the second half of the US session. The two periods 8:00 EET to 12:00 EET and 20:00 EET to 24:00 EET catch the Asian market sessions and are also good trading periods for assets with exposure to that region.

Apply This Data To Your Trading

The takeaways for traders are simple. You need to be trading with IQ in order to tap the nearly $3 million in profits paid out last month alone. You need to be trading one of the top 5 assets, or basically anything USD, EUR, GBP or JPY denominated and preferably in combination. To tap the profit pool short-term trading is most popular but longer term and one touch work too. And finally, when you trade be sure to do it during the more liquid EU and US sessions unless your focus is an Asian based asset.