BO trades, 13/8

Good day traders,

Today I am going to show you my trades and my trading setups. I traded FX assets and I had a 5/6 in the money performance. First of all, let’s see my trades.



As you can see, I took my trades in MarketsWorld, 3 trades in EURUSD currency pair, 2 trades in GBP currency pair and one in EURGBP.  Let’s go to see my trading setups and some charts.


The first chart is from EURUSD currency pair. I took three trades, one call and two puts in the arrows. For these trades, I use 15 minutes timeframe as you can see and about 20 minutes expiry. Let’s analyze the general picture of the market. After a big down trend the market now is ranging. In my first trade in the call arrow, the price hit a previous resistance area and we have buying volume with a rejection. I took an in the money call in this case. After 30 minutes reached at previous highs with buying climax, so we have buying climax at the tops and 15 minutes later a pin par appeared. I took two calls here , one of them was after the buying climax and the other one after the pin bar. Both of them were in the money.


This chart is from EURGBP currency pair and as you can see I took one put trade in the put arrow. I use again 15 minutes timeframe and my expiry time was about 25 minutes. This trading setup is very simple. In the red horizontal line we have a previous resistance area and when the price hit it we have rejections. So, I took an in the money put binary options trade.

Today, I used bigger timeframe with bigger expiry time and I noticed that maybe someone will has less trading opportunities but these opportunities will be solid.

Kind Regards,