Some Kumo Trades

Aug. 30, 2013

Bounce inside fat Kumo – NQ 8/29, mid London session. Kumo bottom reflects middle zone of overnight uptrend. LHS is lower high and flip of Momentum Band to red, possible reversal. Incentive to Kumo top, swing & break into. Double bottom at the Kumo bottom is significant, followed by a reversal of the Momentum Band […]

8/27 London NQ – 5 no, 1 yes

Aug. 28, 2013

Below is the NQ from early this morning’s options trading, 8/27. The five ovals are spots that are tempting but I pass for various reasons explained below. The rectangle is my eventual entry that goes for about 45 ticks. On this 133 tick chart are a standard Kumo, Momentum Breakout Bands, a 50 period EMA […]

8/22 NQ. ABC – repeat, repeat, repeat.

Aug. 22, 2013

Overnight – LHS temporary bottom but no follow through. Incentive move through the averages & into the kumo – doesn’t hold but does result in a higher low. Incentive swing off the higher-low results in fade & go – ABC. Optimistic entry was at break & hold of averages. Pre Market – Fades back into […]

8/21 pre-market NQ ADX/DMI

Aug. 21, 2013

Consolidation coincident with a narrowing of the DMI cloud. A strong candle breaks & turns the MAs, coincident with expanding DMI cloud & increasing but not overextended ADX. Next candle holds the break. Ideal entry is as close as possible to the top MA without incentive downward. At entry I assume targets in the area […]

MACD & the Kumo

Aug. 14, 2013

There were two nice examples of confluence between these two indicators this morning in NQ. At the LHS price breaks the first five-minute bottom just after breaking the Kumo, which is just after the MACD crossover. In general MACD crossovers are great signals at Kumo breaks. Typically I wait for both price and MACD to […]

Aug 9 NQ – one hold & one breakout.

Aug. 09, 2013

Dashed lines are the top and bottom of the first five-minute open range for the NY session. At about 9:45 price moves with incentive to the range top & Kumo top, coincident with extended momentum. The next candle is a nice stall Doji followed by a decent down candle confirmed by a rejection of extended […]

August 8th, textbook day for the NasDaq

Aug. 08, 2013

  The first five minutes of the NY session is an incentive move down, taking momentum from strong positive to strong negative. Followed by a stall at roughly 1/2 back and an incentive entry at the close of the next candle coincident with a rejection of the momentum indicator (cci) zero line. Expectation is to […]

Insight into the nature of the Kumo

Aug. 04, 2013

Three standard entries and several opportunities for insight into the nature of the Kumo. At the LHS is a standard Kumo break that defines the beginning of a trend. I’ve marked levels on the way up that are likely to be significant should price reverse relatively soon after the climb. Notice how the Kumo reflects […]

The Kumo as an Oscillator

Jul. 24, 2013

In my first post I talked about an ichimoku component called the Kumo. Typically the Kumo along with the other components of the system are used to define & trade trends. Price inside the Kumo is considered to be consolidation, above is bullish & below is bearish. In the picture below price is displayed as […]

The Chart Set Up I Use For Futures

Jul. 23, 2013

Hello all, I’m going to be blogging about intraday futures trades & traditional option positions. To start I’ll describe the chart set-up I use for futures & then quickly go over a trade from just after the Chicago open today (7/22). Below is a standard (9,26) Kumo & three nested boxes – A, B&C. The […]