Naked Trading

Mar. 20, 2013

Good day traders, hope your Monday has been profitable! I’ve been reading a bit more on naked trading, or “indicator free” trading. I’ve really been drawn to the idea of trading with minimal amounts of indicators, and I’m beginning to see why you don’t need indicators. I am beginning to gather information from various professionals […]

The importance of timing

Mar. 10, 2013

3-8-13 Good day traders, I hope your day was well! I have some trades I made yesterday I want to go over. I didn’t have a good day yesterday trading, but it wasn’t horrible, I had a few losses but that’s expected in trading. The normal pairs I trade were a bit stagnant in a […]

3/5 ITM

Mar. 07, 2013

3-6-13 Good day traders, hope everyone had many profitable trades today. After much thought, I believe I will try live trading soon. I’ve been demoing for about a year and the past several months I have been able to produce more winners than losers cumulatively. There is a psychological barrier that separates a demo account […]

KISS – Keep It Simple Keep It Stupid!

Mar. 05, 2013

3-4-13 Hello traders, hope today was good for you. I took the last week off because I had to study for a promotional test at work. Monday is usually a slower day for trading, just not quite as much volume as the middle of the week. Some of my usual pairs had either recently had […]

Why I like to place trades off the 180 & 365 EMAs

Feb. 23, 2013

Hello traders, hope today was a profitable one! I made a few trades today, three to be exact, and two out of those were ITM. Today was a fairly active day during the Asian session, with quite a bit of movement with the GBP/USD pair. I started the day trading the AUD/USD pair, which leads […]

Don’t get carried away with Martingale

Feb. 22, 2013

Good day traders, hope all is well. Tonight I made a few mistakes, but I ended up with a small profit. Something I would like to discuss is the Martingale Strategy. Now before I get into this strategy, I DO NOT RECOMMEND new traders try this. The Martingale strategy basically works like this: if you […]

Four trades: 2 ITM

Feb. 21, 2013

Hello traders, hope your day was great! I’ve been spending quite some time studying for my review at work, it’s a bit like an exam so I haven’t been looking at the markets too much, that’s why I only posted once last week. Anyways, I placed four trades today, but I was only 2 ITM. […]

Look for important news releases

Feb. 20, 2013

Hello traders, today has been a good day to trade. I only looked at AUD/USD and GBP/USD today, and my most probable trade was my last trade I placed this evening. Today there wasn’t much news in my trading window, so I didn’t have to keep an eye out for anything like that tonight. I […]

Don’t trade in very choppy markets

Feb. 12, 2013

Hello traders, I hope everyone had a good day. I’ve been busy at work these last two weeks, as I’ve been in charge of engineering an equipment upgrade on a really old electrical substation, (my first big design job on my own), and to make things worse, this station powers a Lockheed Martin manufacturing plant, […]

Only trade when price reaches the extremes of the range

Feb. 06, 2013

Hello everyone, this evening was quite interesting trading the AUD/USD pair. If you didn’t see what happened just pull up your charts and look at the HUGE bearish bar right after the AUD retail sales report was released. Needless to say I stayed away from AUD/USD for the rest of the night, because of the […]