Binary Options Education

Volatility In A Hand Basket

Oct. 08, 2014

Volatility Indicators For Binary Options Volatility is a great method of analysis for binary traders to get acquainted with. While most average traders will shy away from volatility if you learn to understand it and how to apply it to your trading it can lead to explosive profits. In previous postings I have gone over […]

Trading Psychology: “I can’t pull the trigger”

Oct. 04, 2014

October 4, 2014 Q: I know that overtrading is talked about a lot, but I have the issue of “undertrading,” or having the fear of actually getting into a trade. How do I overcome this? A: Not being able to pull the trigger is on the opposite side of the spectrum of the overtrading phenomenon. […]

How To Apply Volatility

Oct. 03, 2014

How To Apply Volatility To Binary Options Volatility is your friend, as I explained in a recent post. This is because volatility means movement, and movement means pips and pips means profits. Profits are why we are here, yes there are a wide variety of secondary reasons to be in the market but it always […]

Volatility Is Your Friend

Oct. 01, 2014

Why You Should Embrace Volatility Volatility is your friend. You may not realize this but it is. A lot of traders and investors, most in fact, will shy away from volatility because it implies risk, frustration and loss. The thing is, for a short term trader and/or market speculator volatility is something you need. Volatility […]

Climbing The Ladder Of Profits

Sep. 30, 2014

Do You Want To Gain An Edge In Your Account? Well, do you? If so then I think you will want to know everything you can about ladder style binary options. If I haven’t already gotten your attention let me tell you that a ladder binary option can pay as much as 1400% of investment […]

So, You Want To Be A Better Trader

Sep. 25, 2014

Start A Trading Journal Time and time again I am asked, “how can I become a better trader”. Time and time again I am reminded of what really boosted my own trading success. Starting a trading journal. A journal is a great way to keep track of what you are learning, what you are doing […]

The Science And Art Of Technical Analysis

Sep. 20, 2014

The Science And Art Of Technical Analysis Technical analysis, TA, it’s what we all do. This is the act, process and science of analyzing financial market health through charts and prices patterns. The odd thing is, not many traders really understand what it is they are doing and how to apply the science of TA […]

Applying Reflexive Support And Resistance

Sep. 19, 2014

The Reflexive Theory Of Support And Resistance Support and resistance are very important factors of techinical analysis. In practice these levels produce areas where signals, reversals, pauses and other technical indications are likely to happen. On a chart a support or resistance line is a line,usually horizontal, that marks an area of previous reversal, congestion […]

Market Depth

Sep. 16, 2014

Hi, again – yes its Norbert the German banker!, ok maybe not but I am likely more close to a german banker then he will ever be lol. Today I am going to demonstrate the correct way to read Market Depth, many more brokers are offering access to this tool for the average trader. Market […]

A Look At Volume Based Indicators

Sep. 12, 2014

Volume Indicators For Binary Options Volume is a well known indicator of market direction. The number of people involved in a given movement, relative toe the number of people involved on an average basis, is an key metric defining the strength or lack of strength in the market. The trouble is that tracking changes in […]