Binary Options Education

Trading Concepts: Creating a Trading Plan

Mar. 25, 2013

Start a business, you need a plan. With no direction or planning for how you’ll make a profit, your business likely doomed. Trading is no different, if you want to succeed, you’ll need to think of trading like you would a business. After all, through your research, skills and ultimately your money you’re making an […]

Beginners Trading Concepts: Using Trendlines Effectively

Mar. 20, 2013

Trendlines are an analysis method that every beginning trader should take the time to learn about and understand. Using price history to analyze the market is a powerful way to trade, as price is the only true indicator of market direction, upon which profits are made or losses realized. Trendlines are one tool used to […]

Capitalizing on Lower Highs and Higher Lows in Price

Mar. 14, 2013

An uptrend can simply be defined as a series of higher-highs in price, coupled with higher-lows. In other words, the overall price direction is higher, even though the price will experience corrections along the way. A downtrend is a series of lower-high and lower-low price swings. These may seem like elementary principles, but in their […]

Trading the “Mini-Channel Breakout”

Mar. 13, 2013

Watch a trend develop and you will see pullbacks along the way—brief counter-trend moves that quickly disappear as the trend re-emerges. Entering on these pullbacks can be lucrative, but most traders go about it the wrong way. They either enter too early when the pullback is still occurring–and then have to hope the pullback soon […]

Improve Your Trading? Time to Go Mental

Mar. 12, 2013

If you’re looking to improve your trading, there is one area–above all–that you’ll need to address; it’s the mental-game. If you’ve said to yourself “I’m not going to each pizza for a whole month,” or “I’m going to work out three times a week at the gym” and then couldn’t follow through, your mental-game needs […]

Improving the Odds When Trading Intra-Day Breakouts

Mar. 07, 2013

The breakout is one of the most common binary options trading strategies, yet is often utilized ineffectively. You’re watching what you believe to be an important price level, you have your trade ready to go and then the breakout occurs. For a few minutes things look great and you’re in the money (ITM), only to […]

How To Trade With Pivots

Mar. 04, 2013

Lotz of Botz here, today we are going to look at how we can trade with pivots I will have a few videos available on the website that show you some real time trades with pivots.They are great for short term binary option traders often because they can have strong moves from around their price […]

Trading Confluence

Jan. 31, 2013

Hello all, I hope everyone had a good trading day. Yesterday I spoke of confluence and I’m not sure that I discussed this much. Confluence basically means the act or process of merging. In trading confluence, you look for several things that come “together” to give you an idea that price may act a certain […]

Your first trade of the day will probably lose

Jan. 27, 2013

1-25-12 Hi all, I’m going to discuss some trades I made a few days ago, I’m just now getting time to discuss them. As I said yesterday, I will be transitioning from posting about multiple trades to one high probability trade a day. It’s just easier and I can go in more depth with one […]

ALWAYS wait for the candle to close

1-24-2012 Hello everyone, hope everyone has learned a thing or two by reading my blog. I’m about to make a transition to discuss one high probability trade a day instead of constantly covering many trades in one post. I believe if I focus on one high probability trade and discuss why I placed that trade […]