Binary Options Education

Trade in Channels, avoid Breakouts!

Apr. 17, 2013

Hi Traders, in this article I am going to talk about how to draw simple channels and take solid trades inside them and how to avoid the breakouts.I will explain this with EUR/JPY currency pair and with some trades I took in 4/4 in this pair. Take a look I took 4 trades in EUR/JPY, […]

Harmonic Patterns Part II: Gartley and ABCD pattern

Apr. 16, 2013

Hi Traders, I hope you had a profitable day. Only one trade for me today cause I had some work to do. It was an ITM call based on an effective pattern, ABCD pattern. In this article I will explain this pattern and the reasons I took my today trade and moreover I will talk […]

Higher/High-Lower/Low, Engulfing and Double Red!

Apr. 10, 2013

Good Day Traders, in this article I want to show you three ways for taking trades after a reversal as I do in many cases. These three ways are higher/high – lower/low pattern, engulfing pattern and Double Red/Green strategy. You know that many of my trades are mainly reversals but if I want to take […]

How To Use The Stochastic Oscillator

Hey Traders, I hope you are fine.In the previous article I talked about three ways for taking trades after a reversal.In this article I will make some comments for my today trades and I will explain how I use the stochastic oscillator for an extra confirmation in my trades. Here are my trades in 10/4. […]

The Importance Of Your Entries

Apr. 07, 2013

Today Trades: The importance of your entries Hey Traders, Kostasze is here. Today, I want to share with you my trades and make some comments on them about the importance of their entries. As I said in a previous article, entries is the most important thing of your trades.Everone may have a good and solid […]

An introduction to harmonic patterns

Apr. 06, 2013

When all match, you have a sure profit: An introduction to harmonic patterns! Hey Traders, I want to share with you a strategy which is very old (1935,”Profits in the stock market”  by H.M Gartley) and it still works with very good results but first let’s take a look in my trades. The trades are […]

Trading A Reversal In Binary Options – Part II

Apr. 02, 2013

Good Day Traders, Kostasze is here. In my previous article I talked about some spots in my trading style and about the value of  Price Action. In this article I will explain more specific with more screenshots how to trade easy and fast a reversal in Binary Options industry. First of all, take a look […]

My 60 Seconds Binary Options Trading Style

Mar. 28, 2013

Good Day Traders, I’m Kostasze and my first article is about my trading style and some comments in my trades. First of all, I want to say that I am a short- term binary options trader, 1 min and 5 min expiry are both short-term trading.Personally, I prefer trading 1 min expiry with 1min chart.I […]

Determining Binary Options Position Size

Mar. 27, 2013

You have what you believe is a great trade setting up, and you’re ready to take a position, but how much do you “bet?” Position size is something many traders don’t think about, they just take a position they think they can afford and hit the buy button. Unfortunately, determining position is a bit more […]