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Binary Options.net: How did you get into binary options and where do you stand now?Kostasze

Kostasze: I came into the financial world in 2011 studying some courses about Bonds and Financial Derrivatives for my university.Some months later, I found out Binary Options from the internet, as many of us the first time. From the first time, I liked the idea to get into the financial markets without a huge capital to invest. I knew some things about Finance in theory but I didn’t know many things about trading. I knew that I couldn’t trade alone and I was looking for a signal provider. Finally, I saw their poor performance, before sign up with them. This situation gave me the goal to learn to trade myself. So, I worked hard for about a year to learn to trade. I was looking to the charts many hours per day and I was trying strategies in my demo account. After six months of demo trading I reached in a good performance and I went live. Since then, I am profitable and I am glad because it’s a fantastic experience so far and also I am doing something I love.

Binary Options.net: How has binary options trading influenced your lifestyle?

Kostasze: As a Binary Options trader, I want to say that Binary Option is not only the trading part. It’s also to have a general picture about the whole economical condition in the world and this can keep you in the game. I believe that a trader see the world different.

Binary Options.net: What are your goals with teaching? What can our members expect from your articles?

Kostasze: I love teaching and sharing ideas, trades and setups. When I was a newbie I was looking every day for the experienced traders. I was waiting for them to write something or to say something in the forums. Some of them gave me important knowledge and I want to do the same with the new traders.

Binary Options.net: What’s the best way to learn how to trade binary options as you see it?

Kostasze: The first thing you have to do is to see the whole thing as an investment. You need a capital, a strategy and a money management plan. There isn’t the holy grail. Personally, I analyze every chart with every possible way I know before I take a trade.

Binary Options.net: Any last words for our community?

Kostasze: I welcome any feedback and questions for my articles. I will be glad to help every member of the community for any problem.