3 More Trades With Volume

Hi  traders,

In this article I am going to show you three more setups and three trades I took with volume and price action. Take a look in my trades.


The extra 3 trades I took for 11 July are the last three. It’s in EURUSD currency pair and all of them have 5 minutes expiry. I had a 2/3 in the money. The one out the money was an early entry without much confirmation and some minutes ago I took the right entry and it was a solid in the money. It’s time for the chart of the day.


Let’s take a quick look of the market. In the beginning of the chart you can see that we have a movement up with buying climax at the beginning and at the end of this movement and then a movement down with the same characteristics. Selling climax at the beginning and at the end of the movement. Notice  the two selling climax bars and after them a magenta bar which also means selling activity with high volume. In this spot, after the end of the mini down trend and the reversal I was waiting for the price to move up. I took  my first trade in the first call arrow. The price is moving back as I expected it and notice the spot in which it is making a pull back. After the pull back there is a blue volume bar which means bullish activity with high volume and in this spot I took my call trade because there is buying volume which supports this up trend.My second trade which was out the money is the second arrow which is a put arrow. I said before that it was an early entry. In this spot I was waiting for a fall of the market. The price some minutes before made higher highs with volume. After that we had a small movement down with some bearish candles and then the price came back and made a new higher high but without important volume this time. Then the magenta bar gave me the confirmation for my expectation for the fall of the market and I took a put trade. Finally the market had a small consolidation period for some minutes and my trade was out the money. After that, a bullish candle with buying climax appeared and we have a big rejection in the whole number as you can notice in the chart. This was the right spot for the put trade and I took finally a put which was a solid ITM. Notice the big fall of the market.