TWO ITM TRADES: +233$ Net Profit

Good Day Traders,

In this article I want to share with you two trades I took some days ago. They were ITM and I took them by the ways which I talked about in my previous articles. Let’s take a look in my trades.


Both of them were spread bets with a total 233$ Profit. I will explain them below. In this first spread bet at 14.05 at 13:24 I bought the EURUSD currency pair for 10$ per point or per pip. In the second spread bet at 14.05 at 01:44 I bought EURUSD currency pair for 100$ per point or pip. Let’s go to the first screenshot of the day.


My first trade is in the first blue box. Look at the market from the beginning of the screen shot. The price breaks Kumo and we are in a down trend. In the blue box two doji stars appear. Now look at the volume. The volume fall bar by bar in the blue box as the price is moving down slowly. In the first doji star we have a small bullish activity in the price and notice the volume. In this small bullish activity we have a bar with bigger volume than the previous while the price was moving down. Furthermore, the first doji hit a strong previous support(the red horizontal line) which is a whole number,too. There is confluence here so I bought the pair. Finally the price makes the pull back and I closed my position when the price hit the chinkou(the green line) which acts as a small resistance as I said in my article about the Ichimoku. The second blue box was a sell opportunity because of the chinkou but I didn’t take the trade.


This is the chart from my second trade. It was a little bit risky. I took this trade because I see interesting activity in the volume bars. While price is moving down we havea decreasing volume for about two bars so I took a call. In the next candle the price is moving up and after the green candle I closed immediately my trade because of the blue bar(big volume with small movement) and the price was also very close to the chinkou (the green line) and the tankan(the red line) and it was possible a reversal as finally happened. I close my trade fast and I took the profit.

Best Regards,