This Is The Biggest Scam In Binary Options Today

Got Scammed? Sure We Can Help …

If there is one thing everyone can agree on about binary options is that the industry was and is full of scams. There are scam brokers, scam managers, scam reviews, scam signals, scam services, and even scam regulators. The good news is that most of these scams have gone the way of the wild Bison… they don’t exist anymore. The bad news is that there is a whole new scam that is preying on the people who can afford least to lost money, those that have already been scammed once.

What am I talking about? Fund Recovery Services and all those other little businesses and people who say they can get you your money back. I see it everyday in the forum, another person trying to lure desperate people with promises and claims they can GET YOUR MONEY BACK. What I want to say first is that it is virtually impossible to get your money back. The scams exist on the Internet, they are based in offshore unregulated jurisdictions, and use shell corporations and other shelters to hide your money. You won’t get it back. If you’ve been scammed once the prudent thing is to step away, count your loss, and move on to something else.

Who Are These Fund Recover Scammers?

So, who are these people trying to help you? The very same ones who took your money in the first place (assuming you’ve been scammed). Seriously, once the scam industry figured out its days were numbered they changed tactics. Instead of trying to scam new traders they decided to scam people they’d already scammed. I mean, why not? Those people had already proven their vulnerability and willingness to pay by getting scammed the first time. In the lingo of sales folk they are in fact “proven spenders”; they’ve spent once before so there is a higher than average chance they will spend again.

What makes it worse is the tactics changed in more ways than one. Not only are the scammers targeting their old victims, but they’re turning the tables. Instead of offering trading services they offer help getting out of the original scam. The more money lost in the first wave of fraud the more desperate and willing the victim is in the second phase.

How Do You Know Fund Recovery Services Are Scam?

There is one overarching clue that will tell you if a recovery service is a scam or not. If they ask you for money. No legitimate fee-recovery service will EVER ask for money up front. Their reputation is built on their ability to achieve results, they make money when you make money, if they ask for cash upfront don’t expect anything good to happen. More than likely they will ask you for more money, and more money, until you finally figure out it’s all BS. Just like when the broker asked you to pay a fee to “unlock your profits” or other BS to allow withdrawals. No legit broker will ever ask you to pay to unlock your own money, it’s fraud and completely illegal in 100% of the world’s financial jurisdictions.

If you want to avoid this scam do not respond to any emails provided in any forum. And never ever give one of these companies your money.