This Cryptocurrency Doesn’t Need Bitcoin For Big Profit

Why Wait For Bitcoin When This Token Has True Value

With Bitcoin languishing at long-term lows traders are wondering when, or even if, a recovery in the worlds leading cryptocurrency will ever happen. The good news for traders is that you don’t have to wait for BTC to recover to make money in cryptocurrency. There are several tokens on the market with true value that will drive their prices higher regardless the price of Bitcoin. What drives value in these tokens is their utility. They’re designed to perform a function and by all accounts those functions are seeing use. The one I want to share today is the Basic Attention Token.

The Basic Attention Token – BATcoin A Token With Pop, Pow, Bang!

The Basic Attention Token is the native currency of the BRAVE browser network. The BRAVE browser is a decentralized block-chain based web browser focused on privacy and anonymity. The browser blocks all adds and all data tracking unless you allow it. The service functions using the BAT coins, browsers are rewarded for surfing and viewing ads with tokens. What this means for advertisers is that they can control ad dollars by only paying for ad placement on browsers where people are requesting their ads. What it means for web-surfers is the ability to earn money simply by using the Internet and viewing ads you may already be seeing.

The catalyst for this token will be adoption of the BRAVE network. According to recent reports the network now has more than 3 million active users and is expected to double that in the next 6 months. Scandals with sites like Facebook where privacy seems to be a commodity for sale will help drive usage as more and more web users seek a safer solution. As more and more people use the system, more tokens will be required and that demand will drive prices for BAT higher. Early adopters of the token will be rewarded the greatest as there are

On a technical basis the Basic Attention Token is showing considerably resilience in the face of continued weakness in the broader cryptocurrency market. The token has outperformed even its base token Ethereum and is poised to move higher. The toke is more than 60% above its long term low while BTC is trading at a 6 month low, and the price action is favorable. The indicators are also favorable, suggesting underlying strength in the market and forming bullish crossovers. A move up may find resistance at the $0.30 level but a move above that would be bullish. Once the rally starts a move up to $1.00 will probably happen fairly quickly. PS. I own BAT.