The Secret Millionaires Society Binary Options Scam

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LotzofBotz here to review “Secret Millionaires Society” this is a scam brought to you by Tim Atkinson and Zac Maftah, two well known affiliate marketing scamsters. In the video I will show you how they work and how they scam you with their binary options scam system. Of course I add my own humor to show you them doing this while DRUNK in the video thus giving it the impact you need to see how they are degenerate scum… This society should be called the “Secret Drunks Society” instead! Their video constantly makes references to alcohol so lets go with whats on tap! Enjoy! Just remember drink responsibly…

Now as you see in the video which several people have stated “The Secret Millionaires Society.” made them pee their pants with laughter. I am just not sure if its because of all the drinking or you just find it funny, either way thanks! If you bother to watch their scam video *note how they constantly reference the min deposit is $250 but Bob with Q’s help gets in for $200 from his iphone in just 60 seconds!? Again proving nothing but lies all these guys do is LIE LIE LIE and tell more lies.

secret millionaire society scam

This is the work of a high quality marketing/advertising firm from the west coast, now these guys are really talented at making videos, too bad there is no truth to anything they say. Really they should move to hollywood instead and make a movie.. If you see any scam videos/systems with secret cheat/loophole/covert and with good acting/production then it might be from these guys! They love to use that theme. My next video will be on “” another scam where they this time try to show live trading, “Opps!” bad idea since I am a real trader lol. This is going to hurt Tim! So until next time just remember a binary options scam is not a scam until you fall for it and if not careful It might cause a drinking problem too!

Enjoy, LotzofBotz