The Real Review Of Ataraxia7 Binary Options Software

Ataraxia7 is a sophisticated piece of work. Is it a scam or is it legit? Read on to find the answer to this and other questions unveiled in my search for the truth.

A Real Sophisticated Piece Of Work

Ataraxia7 is a hot new binary options software to recently hit the market. The software is designed by Joseph Belkin and regulated, for safety. The package is very sophisticated upon first glance but the question remains, is it a scam or is it legit? I first came across the software while surfing a couple of forums I like, including the one here at BONET. One of the posts I saw was an objective third party review claiming to objectively review Ataraxia 7. The review was written by Karry Jackson, an independent market analyst and reviewer, a claim that turns out to be a bald faced lie, but more about that later. Regardless, the post was an obvious attempt at affiliate marketing and 100% SEO. The thing is, SEO and affiliate marketing doesn’t make an offer a scam. All the legit brokers and services rely on affiliate marketing too. Everything else I discovered however does add up to a scam, and a pretty devious one at that.

What Is Ataraxia7 Binary Options Software

What exactly is Ataraxia7? To be honest I don’t really know because there isn’t any real information of the product. What you get is a funnel of blog posts and reviews that feed you into a landing page. They don’t make wild claims, only that you can expect to receive “8K-10K as a respectable and acceptable figure”. The reviews are very neutral, at first, and lead you in with the claims of free software, free beta testing, limited time offer….and bonus included. I don’t what broker you trade with, but the only bonus I know of comes with a deposit. Deposit means you spend, and affiliate marketing usually means that Ataraxia7 is making money from you so it is really free? According to the website it is because according to regulation, they can not receive any money for the service.

These guys go over the top talking about how the software is patented, trademarked and regulated. The results are verified and come with undeniable proof, but that is where they make their big mistake. I checked. There isn’t proof. What I found was a devious attempt at subterfuge and despicable action. The software is regulated by, a watchdog of online trading operating under a mandate from the EU. To be totally honest, I almost got taken in by this scam but not quite. In order to back up all their claims the Ataraxia people, I won’t use their names anymore because they probably aren’t real, created an entirely fake website. I shouldn’t have been surprised, I’ve seen it before.

Regulated By TradeSEC.Org, Yeah Right

TradeSEC.Org claims to be operating under the mandate of the EU, the VG of Market and Regulatory Services Directorate General. The purpose of TradeSEC is to monitor online trading and provide verification of services in order to protect traders, businesses and other stake holders. Sounds pretty official, I must admit, and have me questioning myself, but TradeSEC.Org is a bunch of BS. It has absolutely no tie to the EU.

Once I began to dig into the website I quickly found that it is a front and only intended to support the claims of Ataraxia. If you need proof all you have to do is go to the page of approved software. You will only find one, Ataraxis. They make a feeble attempt at listing few others but there are no links, no informaing and when I searched, there was nothing. On their blog, there is only a post about Ataraxia7, nothing else and nothing in the archive. In fact, most of the links on the website are dead or just jump to the top of the page. And the best part, the product verification tool doesn’t even work so if you want to check out the results for Ataraxia you can’t.

The Best One Yet

Ataraxia7 may work, but the website and offer are a total scam. But it may be the best attempt I have yet seen. They go the distance here, starting with a real innocent and objective review, claims of regulation and verification as well as even setting up their own regulatory agency website. These guys are devious, and they have done a very thorough job, but I suggest they turn their attention to something more legit.