Paysafecard Binary Options Brokers

Paysafecard is a prepaid payment system that is accepted by many binary options brokers. With the use of paysafecard, there is no requirement for sharing sensitive information such as bank account or credit card details with the broker. In fact the paysafecard system is almost akin to using cash to pay purchases in physical shops. Below is a list of recommend binary options brokers that allow Paysafecard deposits:

Paysafecard Binary Options Brokers

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What is Paysafecard?

Paysafecard works with the use of 16-digits pin numbers that are printed on a card and entered at the receiving end. The pin numbers can be used several time and customers can also purchase more than one pin numbers. Initially, paysafecard was only available as a physical card but later, it was also made available in the form of eVouchers which can be purchased online since 2004. The denominations which paysafecard can be purchased in are €10 and €100. To obtain larger denominations, customers can combine up to 10 pin numbers for a maximum total of €1,000.

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The company which own and managed the payment system is Wertkarten AG with its physical office located in Vienna. It also maintains subsidiaries in countries like Argentina, Germany, Gibraltar, Great Britain, Mexico, Switzerland, the Netherlands and USA. The paysafecard system is currently accepted in more 37 countries in Australia, Europe and the Americas and over 4000 online establishments.

Why Use Paysafecard with Binary Options Brokers?

As mentioned earlier, paysafecard operates under an umbrella of several subsidiaries in several countries. In 2006, the company won funding under the European Union (EU) eTen Community programme to help in the expansion of its electronic payment services across the EU. By 2008, its subsidiary, Prepaid Services Company Ltd, had been issued an e-money license by the U.K’s Financial Services Authority (FSA). This license permitted paysafecard to deal in e-money across the EU. In recognition of the quality of their services, paysafecard was vote as “Best Prepaid Company Outside USA” and “Leading Prepaid Organisation” in 2008 by Prepaid Awards. The value of paysafecard services is not only appreciated by its customers but also by its competitors. In fact, one of its main rivals in Europe, Skrill, acquired the holding company Wertkarten AG in early 2013.

Recognizing the increasing popularity of paysafecard as a means of making payments, some forward thinking binary brokers have taken the steps of accepting paysafecard’s e-money which their clients can use to make their deposits with.