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Want To Make Money With Binary Options? Own A Broker

If you haven’t noticed there is a new trend in the financial world and binary options is not amused. I’m talking about cryptocurrencies, block chains and ICO’s. While speculators, traders and investors make and lose fortunes in the blink of an eye businesses of all variety are looking for ways to leverage the technology. We’ve already seen the emergence of crypto-based trading platforms and a general shift toward cryptocurrency trading among the brokers. Now we are about to witness the first ever ICO of a broker.

No, this is not like the OTN or Spectre networks. Both of those are block chain based trading technologies coming from know and well established binary options providers. OTN is a stand alone technology that IQOptions has invested in. Their timeline includes establishing IQOption as a crytpocurrency wallet, exchange and trading venue. Spectre is very similar, the difference is it is a white label solution for businesses to build block chain trading businesses upon.

Binary.com has decided to list itself on the Ethereum blockchain and issues tokens as if they were stock. There will be a total of 10 million tokens which will include “smart contracts” conferring ownership rights to the holders. The company is offering the tokens through an open auction in which anyone can participate. Technically only “accredited investors” can apply but there is nothing in the materials or sign up process to impede the average person from purchasing.

Those who are awarded tokens will have two choices. The first is to redeem the token from the company in return for shares of stock. The second is to hold the tokens and receive regular dividend payments into your cryptocurrency account. The tokens will listed on the Lykke Exchange so that is the best place to have your wallet. In order to participate go to Binary.com and open an ICO account. Then place as many bids for shares as you’d like, the ones that are accepted will be filled when the auction period is up. Of course you can just wait until after the auction and by them on the LYKKE platform like you would any other currency.

For those asking why would you want to buy Binary.com tokens, and if you did, why would you want to hold them? Because Binary.com makes money. Net profits have grown by double digits in each of the years since the company was first opened and will top $30 million in 2017. This growth is expected to continue. The company has paid most of its profits in dividends and token holders will participate. Last year shareholders received more than $14 million in payments. If you ever wanted a guaranteed way to make money with binary options this is it. For more information on Binary.com and the ICO click here!