Online Trading Eduction Tools

I get bored often looking at charts and waiting for trades in general. Its always nice to see what others are doing in the market place. So I’ve come up with a list of interactive sites that you can chat and watch real time as traders trade! To me if its not real time then its nothing. So each of these sites you will be able to communicate and learn real time and if you don’t learn anything at least you will be entertained by them. Its nice to be able to talk to and watch these traders as they battle the market place. Each of these sites show a myriad of different methods/thinking of how to approach the market. Depending on what type of personality you have will determine which of these you will gravitate towards. I will in the future also look for new and interesting sites that offer this full interactive live learning/trading experience. Its the future of how trading/teaching will be done over the internet.

daytradingradioFirst up we have is – from 9:30am EST” the #1 live market analysis site on the internet for trading “Day Trading Radio” The popularity of this site is very very high so much so they guy has pulled back from talking with people and has taken on many co-hosts, simply because there are too many people to talk to! I am sure he is swamped.¬†John Kurisko the¬†DaytraderRockStars on his site is the main draw with his live interactive stock picking, now he does mostly watch the ES as the general market but his focus on trading seems to be stock centric. A good place to watch the market activity and listen to some good music! He is into using Crickets = “Tick activity sounds” As I have watched him in the past he is really not a great trader but what he lacks in ability he makes up for as a host. Other then that you likely will not learn much here but you still might have a good time being there imo!

tfltvNext up is – from 7:00am EST” This is my favorite simply because Rob is a funny guy as is Wilson with his English sensibilities, as well they have a very hot lady that shows up every now and then named Jennifer. They are not very attractive to look at, so it sure makes up for it to see her! Now these guys are mostly just pure FX traders and they are all about being paid to teach traders and if you are a newbie they would be a perfect choice to keep you from making the deathblows that eliminate most new traders from *** BLOWING OUT *** Rob Booker focuses on the design and implementation of technical indicators/systems in trading. If you ever wanted a guy that will make a system for you on the fly, then rob is your guy! I enjoy Wilson’s methodology of trading a bit more then Rob Booker’s as he is mostly focused on win it or cut it fast approach with short term charts. The whole show itself is very enjoyable to watch in the morning and every now and then you will pick up pearls of wisdom from these true market veterans

Pip and run


Last is Pip and Run with Greg Mcleod “ – from 5:30am EST” I always like to see what Greg is doing if for nothing else to see how the market is abusing him early in the morning. He is a real time scalper and loves to use Elliott Wave Theory along with many traditional methods/indicators in trading. Greg is not as flashy as the other guys which is likely a good thing as I am sure he is more of a real trader vs the other as educators that likely get most of their income from selling their services. Greg for sure is mostly getting his money from the market so you will get a no nonsense approach from him, now he will go into indicies commodities if asked but his focus like TFL is mostly just the FX markets. I will not tell you which of these sites is best as that is really a personal choice you should make on your own, it would be like me telling you which socks to wear LoL “The plaid gold and red pair look great by the way!” I will search hi/low to find more sites that offer this kind of fully interactive experience in the future. So other then that until next time, Enjoy!