Navier Stokes Theories

My name is Erik Von aka “Lotz of Botz”. My professional field of work in in Mech/Aeronautical Engineering. I happened into trading because of a commercial on tv from interactive brokers and thought “Wow that trading thing looks cool.”

After examining pools of data from brokers, software and systems ect ect. I said “Ah no, all of these system are too SUBJECTIVE in their approach which could lead to undesired results. I need an exact OBJECTIVE approach to trading. I decided to use some basic Neural Nets in MT4 for the front end, then a bridge to excel on the back end running my own custom trading models. These models are based on Navier Stokes theories and are familiar to me in my field of work.¬†Instead of using these equations to predict landing rockets/weather patterns/erosion levels ect ect. I applied them to trading Binary Options.

My formulas are so exact as to the time of entry/exits “10secs to 1 min currently” that its a perfect match for trading binary options. I can get up to 5-20 trades a day on average. I will win 2 out of 3 between often higher 4 out of 5 on a % basis between 60-80% of my trades using these Algos. Below is the first trade of the day on the Dax @ 5:28 am eastern time for the buy.

The signal ended @ 5:42. In short I expected exactly 5:28 the price would move higher till at least 5:42 which it did if you examine your charts. In the future I will send in screen shots of my trades a few times a week as well I will write on different topics on binary options trading that I hope you will find thought provoking as well as very entertaining!

“The Dax Buy was long @ 7297 for 5:28 and ended above 7300 for 5:40 expiry that ended ITM- “In The Money”