Major Activity 11/14/2012


I headline this post with Major Activity, because its major activity for my trading. With the upgrade of my servers/workstations and equipment I now can see and take many more trades. Which you would think wow that is great more money! Ah alas there is a tricky balance here. Yes I can take more trades but it does not mean I will win a lot more. I am on the average making more vs the previous setup with less trades, but my win rate has dropped as well. This is not bad if the balance of things = in simplest of terms more money! If I make 10-20% more money on a lower % win rate because of the higher trade volume then that is acceptable. Its requiring a lot more work and monitoring with the new system in place. So with that I will wrap up 3 days of trading in one post :)



Monday started out nice and overall was a very good day but not as good as I thought it would be. The few losses I had irritated me because they were so obvious in their manipulation imo. Still a factor I can’t time or even really care about really. This trade here on Gold was a bit longer for the expiry time but a overall solid trade and a good start to the day. Market was showing it was in sync and I could proceed with trading as usual.

This was with out a doubt my favorite trade of monday. I traded it like a hitman with a double tap for both 7am and 7:30am expires on a combination 10sec 1min 5min chart synchronicity. Another good example of a dual trade to max out my leverage on 5%. Because of the variable time scale I take a bit more risk vs a trade that is @ the same time but 2 different pairs. In short this EU sell AWESOME trade!

This buy signal on the GU is atypical and exactly what I would like to see on a signal. Not some 2-3 pip move that looks to be fighting which has happened a lot I have noticed the past few weeks.

Another atypical signal here but a bit more mAnip in the end imo. Still a very good setup on aussie here showing a decent amount of range. Which turned out to be consistent most of the day. It was streaky but luckily for the most part I was able to stay away from many trades that could have been OTM.

GU was a bit tricky in timing monday as it would be in sync one minute out the next, so it required some really good patience and monitoring monday. Still it made up most of my trading for the day and overall I did well with it. This sell was another atypical example, what I really like in a trade is at expiry time it ends on low ticks which GU did here adding additional confidence to future signals.

Monday was a good day, but tuesday was not at all. I had way way too many signals and still am trying to adjust to my new trading setup, which I am sure will balance out in time as it should allow me to make more money. Tuesday was a chop day and my win rate I hate to say was under 70% for the day. I had way too many trades I took with ironic high confidence. As you can see this trade started great but double backed on me towards the end. Not a good sign, but I attributed that to it being the UJ and it in general has a small range to start with on most trades.

This was one of the few tuesday very solid sigals, even with the range being smallish. As it went into expiry you can see it ended near the high ticks in price, which is my favorite thing to see in a signal, as that means the price is in your favor and moving higher or lower with each tick.

The Dax trade here I really did not think I would win on as it spiked up like mad on other pairs as well and seemed it might try to high tick towards expiry. Still after the drama ended from where it went to the 30s to the under 10 in a matter of a minute the price expired lower allowing me to call it a win. I had to hide under my desk with all of this price excitement lol. Overall not a good day for me but still you can’t choose which ones will be and I figure I am still adjusting to the plethora of new trade signals available to me, so I will not be too hard on myself.

I am throwing this one in that just happened today as I was writing this. For sure it will be my favorite trade of the day. {The Chatter} by the way his screen name lol, screamed out “Cable dump” in the chatroom. After hearing this I went and checked the chart both with the horrible news and initial drop cable showed a down move with good lines from 5:35am till 5:50am exact. So I went in with two expires from 5:35 and max leverage each on each trade of 5%. When you get a free money trade like this every now and then you go all out :) As you can see my entries form 77 to 81 were awesome! If any other trade is better then this today I will be shocked lol :) Ya never know! Till next time, Enjoy!