Introducing Brokers

Introducing Brokers are an interesting option for the marketing industry, particularly online. An Introducing Broker (aka IB), will introduce new clients to a business, and in return earn a commission or on-going fee in return.

So IB acts as an intermediary between the supplier (a broker) and the new customer or trader, putting them in touch with each other. The IB takes care of their clients by offering them consulting, or providing education, support, and trading strategies and signals.

What Does The Introducing Broker Do?

An Introducing Broker finds and refers new customers to a trading company through offering and advertising of trading-related services such as:

  • Providing Education
  • Suggesting Trading Strategy
  • Comparison Tools
  • Engaging Content / Trading Community

However the IB attracts clients, they must forward clients via a ‘tracking link’ which shows the broker or supplier where the ‘lead’ came from.

A good IB is one that is interested in keeping their clients trading. Often, the more they trade, the higher revenue will be.

Who Can Become An Introducing Broker?

IB programs are generally open to all. But the they will normally have a source of clients they can introduce.

Sources include:

  • Mailing Lists
  • Website
  • Physical Office (Educational or Advisory)

Choose The Right Partner

Not all ‘Introducer’ schemes are the same. The payment model could be any of these:

  • Revenue share
  • CPA
  • Fixed Fee

Or a combination of these.

Payment however, may depend on certain criteria being met per trader. These terms often favour the broker over the IB and need to be clarified up front.

IBs also need to know the broker will work on their leads.

The partnership should feel like a two-way relationship, with ideas being shared and open and honest reporting.


  • Open an account via the tracking link – Did everything work as it should?
  • Look for referrals from existing IBs

The Best Referral Scheme

The introductory scheme at IQ Option represents a great choice for marketing services in our opinion.

As above, the payment model and partner transparency are crucial. At IQ, revenue share is credited to the IB account immediately with every closed trade. There are no trading requirement hurdles to jump in order to get paid.

Earnings are transparent, and tracking and reporting is detailed and comprehensive.

The platform is easy to grasp for potential new traders, and IQ Option staff not only work leads, but ensure new traders get some level of guidance in order to make trading more likely.

The brand also understand the importance of long term partnerships, and customer satisfaction. This helps player retention and therefore the bottom line of the IB.

Apply at IQ Option IB scheme here.