GlobePay Binary Options Brokers

GlobePay has quickly developed into a trusted international payment gateway used by binary options brokers since its foundation in 2018. This guide will provide binary options traders with comprehensive information on how transactions work, as well as a review of how GlobePay deposits and withdrawals are priced, including limits and additional charges.

To get started right away, head to our list of the top binary options brokers that accept GlobePay deposits below.

Binary Brokers with GlobePay

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How GlobePay Works

The owner of GlobePay, Anna Hu, founded the payment channel in 2018 as a link between UK businesses and the fast-growing Chinese consumer base through apps like WeChat AliPay, and WeChat Mini Program.

The brand is now partnered with more than 1,000 businesses, including several GlobePay binary options brokers.

The company has come up with a range of solutions for online and in-store payments to assist in a globalized world where cross-border transactions have been rapidly rising.

Transfer options include payment via an e-wallet connected to an app as well as an online payment API. Both methods can be used with binary options brokers that accept GlobePay deposits.

GlobePay essentially connects users’ e-wallets (WeChat Pay or AliPay) to their binary brokers so they can make deposits and withdrawals and trade. The e-wallet can be funded by all major debit or credit card accounts.

In 2022, the firm also announced the introduction of AliPay+, which provides offline payment solutions through the use of a QR code.

GlobePay brokers

Transaction Times

Like most e-wallets, GlobePay supports instant transactions. This means that, as long as your binary options broker supports instant deposits, funds from your e-wallet will go directly to your live account so you can begin trading straight away. Many popular binary options brokers that accept GlobePay, such as Pocket Option and Alpari, offer immediate deposits.

Withdrawals usually take longer, as most GlobePay binary brokers require time to verify a trader’s identity and returns. This usually takes 1–5 working days, but it can sometimes take longer.

With that said, Alpari aims to process withdrawals using the payment method in just 24 hours.

Contact the customer services helpline via their phone number or email if your withdrawal is taking longer than the period listed on your binary broker’s website.

Pricing Review

A major benefit of using the transfer solution is its fee-free deposit service, and no additional upfront payments are needed. There is also no minimum deposit to GlobePay, though binary options brokers usually impose their own minimum deposit and withdrawal criteria.

The minimum amount you are required to deposit at Pocket Option for example, is $50, whereas Alpari allows you to get started with $5. Both binary options platforms offer free deposits and withdrawals using the payment solution.

Note, the maximum limit for a single deposit via GlobePay is $10,000.


GlobePay is a reputable and secure payment option, regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority  (FCA) and Payment Services Regulations. The servers used for transactions keep your personal information safely encrypted.

The firm’s privacy policy states that it maintains physical, electronic, and procedural securities that comply with the appropriate regulations to guard non-public personal information.

Once you are logged in, all internet communication is secured using the Secure Socket Layer (SSL), meaning your details are safe.

For added security, keep your login information safe and avoid any suspicious messages or emails. Some binary options traders have fallen victim to phishing or fraud scams after being contacted by criminals posing as their bank or online broker.

Also be wary of any payment links received via WhatsApp or iMessage claiming to be from GlobePay binary brokers. Only use payment links directly from your broker’s web address.

Benefits Of GlobePay Binary Options Brokers

The pros of binary options brokers that accept GlobePay deposits include:

  • The payment solution is accepted internationally, including in Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, the UAE, the USA, Brazil, Morocco, and South Africa. Currently, most of its users are from cities in India, such as Delhi and Lucknow.
  • When you pay a deposit, bill or a fee using GlobePay, you will not need to input your banking details into a binary options broker’s website. This adds an extra layer of security since you will not need to share sensitive information. You may need to include other details, however, such as your name and contact number.
  • Once you set up an online account and find binary options brokers that accept GlobePay deposits, it is an easy payment method to use.

Drawbacks Of GlobePay Binary Options Brokers

The cons of GlobePay binary brokers include:

  • The payment company is still relatively new, so there is a limited list of binary options brokers that accept GlobePay deposits and withdrawals.
  • The brand’s customer support team does not have a great response rate, which may cause problems if you’re looking to quickly fund an account and start trading.

How To Make GlobePay Deposits & Withdrawals To Binary Options Accounts

  1. Open a GlobePay account: Sign up and connect your bank account to your GlobePay account so there are funds available to deposit. You can do this via the website or you can download the mobile app. You may need to enter your bank account and card details, including the long card number and expiry date.
  2. Deposits: Once registration is complete, there are multiple ways to make a deposit, but generally they will follow a similar pattern. Navigate the payments dashboard on your binary options broker’s website to make a deposit. Press e-wallet, then GlobePay. Next, follow the on-screen instructions, which will typically include inputting account details. You can also make deposits via the app – check whether the binary options broker has a QR code to scan.
  3. Withdrawals: The withdrawal process is easier as the binary options broker is the sender of funds. Simply load up the brokerage’s website and request a withdrawal via GlobePay.

Verdict On GlobePay Binary Options Brokers

GlobePay is an excellent payment service for binary options traders who frequently use Chinese social media channels and payment apps. The transfer system has not been around for long, but it has already gained a solid following and become accepted by many merchants, including several GlobePay binary brokers.

This is likely because of its up-to-date security features, high transfer speeds, and ease of use.

More established payment options may be more widely available, but if your favoured binary options brokers accept GlobePay deposits, it could be worth considering. It is no more expensive, harder to use, or slower than PayPal or Skrill, for example.

Use our list of the best binary options brokers that accept GlobePay deposits to start trading.


Is GlobePay A Legitimate Deposit Option For Binary Options Traders?

GlobePay is a legitimate company, founded by CEO Anna Hu in 2018 and used by many binary options traders around the world. It has a customer support line and email address, as well as a live chat feature which you can use if you have any queries. The top GlobePay binary options brokers, including Alpari and Pocket Option, also offer near-instant deposits with the payment solution along with zero commissions.

Is It Safe To Fund My Binary Options Account With GlobePay?

GlobePay is a secure payment option which encrypts all personal details including banking information. The company is also regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority. Still, make sure you sign up with reputable GlobePay binary options brokers for added security.

Can I Use GlobePay To Deposit Into My Binary Options Account From India?

GlobePay is legal and popular in India, including with binary options traders. In fact, there are no countries in which GlobePay is illegal – it is a trusted and secure payment solution.

Do I Need A Master Key To Deposit To My Binary Options Account With GlobePay?

The master key is your GlobePay account password, which provides access to all your information. Never share this with anyone, including binary options brokers that accept GlobePay. It is not needed to make a deposit or withdrawal to or from your binary options account.