I began my review of this website as I always do, hoping for something good, on the hunt for something scammy and as impartial as I can be. I have to admit that I am beginning to get a little biased though, I more often than not find a binary options scam than I do a binary options tool. This website is no different. At first I thought it merely a another affiliate site, geared toward leading traders to one or another broker. This is true but what I discovered goes much deeper than that. If you know anything about binary options signal service scams then you have probably heard of Keith Jones. I have, and I thought I had heard the last of him but oh no, he is one crafty online marketer and who I believe to be behind this free system.


What Is The Free Binary Option System?

This website presents itself as a resource for traders. They have info on the top 10 brokers, links and reviews to the best free binary options systems and also for the best paid services as well. The ones they choose to promote are GlobalMoney24, 60 Second Profits, The Binary Option Strategy dot com and their own $27 proprietary system download that is available as soon as you pay. As for the others listed, all ridiculous scams. I know because I have checked them all out before. These sites all require you to sign up and fund an account, then give up control of your trading to their robot and wait for the profits to roll in….no experience needed.

Their own strategy is so good it speaks for themselves. What I mean is, they don’t say one thing about it, not one, just that its available and costs $27 dollars. I don’t know about you but I would definitely buy it. As part of the program you are offered the chance to claim a free $500. Of course I assumed it was a link to a broker and it was, OptionBit. The link goes shamelessly straight to a sign up page, they don’t even give you the courtesy of a landing page first. The blogs are no better. They are old and dated at least a year ago, all from the same time and all doing one of two things. The first group are all blog posts supporting Optionbit, and the other “approved” wink wink systems. The second group of blog posts explain how all the other sites are scams, but not this one. Yeah right.

The Keith Jones Connection With A Twist

Just as point of reference I want to start with a brief foray into Keith Jones. He has been, and may have been the first, a signal service provider/trading robot guru for many years. He promotes 60 second trading as a way of life and is well known throughout the binary options community as a scam. The Keith Jones connection on this website is so thick that either he set this site up himself to further his own ends or someone else has affiliated with the Keith Jones strategy and is trying to drum up some business. Either way this “Free System” stinks to high heaven. Let’s start with the Home Page. The service is promoting, one of Keith Jones known websites. The other two services either promote Keith Jones or, rather convenient I would say. As I mentioned before the blog posts are no better. You will find many reasons to believe in Keith Jones and how his systems work. You can trust them for sure because whoever wrote them (maybe Keith himself) says they work! You will also find many links to his other systems including the Lazy Day Trader.


So, what’s the twist? In my digging and searching for the truth behind this website I discovered something else very unexpected. The design credit for the website is given to a couple of different sites with links. One of them is, a newsletter and signal service for trading ETF’s, other wise know as Exchange Traded Funds. The site is filled with useless information on hot ETF’s, the maximum allowed number of ads by Adsense and one very interesting link. A link to a Kim Kardashian sex tape. I’m not sure but maybe that’s code for winning signals?

It is completely possible that someone else is merely trying to ride on Keith Jones coattails but I don’t know. Any serious affiliate would surely know what a joke Keith is in the community. Why would they choose to promote this one? The only person I can think of who would seriously want to promote Keith Jones is Keith Jones. I guess it worked because here we are talking about him. I hope he likes what I have to say.