EURUSD Trading: 2 ITM

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in this article I am going to share with you my trades for today and my trading setups.Today, I took two in the money binary options trades in EURUSD currency pair.They were two risk free trades.Let’s see my trades.


As you can see I took two call trades in EURUSD currency pair with 5 minutes expiry.The first trade is 3 pips(30 pippetes) above the strike price and the second one is about 6 pips above the strike price (60 pippetes).I was very sure for these setups. So, let’s go to see them.


This is my chart for the day.You can see my trades in the two call arrows.So, let’s go to take a quick look of the market.In the beginning of the screen shot we have a down movement and after it we have a ranging market.What is important to this ranging market?If you notice in the chart you can see that there is more volume with selling climax at the lows.At the tops there aren’t bars with buying climax. After the selling climax at the lows we have always a reversal and the price is moving up.It’s a good period for call trades and it’s a possible a big bullish breakout.I took my first trade in the first call arrow.We have higher lows with selling climax bars in the volume as i said above and after the reversal in the climax bar I took a solid in the money call trade with 5 minutes expiry.After my first trade the price is moving up without important volume, we have also two bearish bars withput important volume,too.

After them the price is moving up again and now notive the big bullish buying climax in the previous resistance.In this case it’s not a pump and dump or a manipulation of the market or buying climax at the tops.As I said before it’s a good period for calls.The market give you this information and is preparing for a possible bullish breakout.In this spot it’s a sign for this breakout.I was waiting to see the next candle after the climax bar and it was bullish with high volume this was confirmation to take another call here.It was in the money¬† for about 6 pips (60 pippetes ) with five minutes expiry.


This is a chart for the same asset , the same period but with a 5min timeframe.Look, there is an agreement between the two timeframes.Higher lows, selling climax at the lows and buying climax in the breakout.

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