In Regards to Taking Time Off when Stressed

Dec. 31, 2014

December 27, 2014 Hello! I have been absent from my blog for quite some time due to my school-related obligations. Thank you to everyone who sent me PM’s on the site, asking questions and commenting and whatnot. I do apologize that occasionally I do delay my replies. But I have a few weeks off in […]

The Traits of a Quality Broker

Nov. 09, 2014

November 8, 2014 What broker do you use and what should I look for in one? I am currently using Boss Capital (see Boss Capital Review). I’ll start by saying that no broker is perfect. Some provide fast withdrawals yet have trading platform issues, such as a distinct lag that often doesn’t get you into […]

Trading Psychology: “I can’t pull the trigger”

Oct. 04, 2014

October 4, 2014 Q: I know that overtrading is talked about a lot, but I have the issue of “undertrading,” or having the fear of actually getting into a trade. How do I overcome this? A: Not being able to pull the trigger is on the opposite side of the spectrum of the overtrading phenomenon. […]

Trading Under Limited Time Conditions (3/3 ITM)

Sep. 09, 2014

September 8, 2014 Just as the post-(U.S.) Labor Day volume begets more movement in the market, it typically entails that I moderate the amount of time that I dedicate to trading, given I’m a still a university student and as anyone who has been through schooling knows, it can take up a lot of time. […]

Labor Day EUR/USD Trading (4/5 ITM)

Sep. 08, 2014

September 1, 2014 Unfortunately, I’m doing this write-up a week later than I wanted to. But school often consumes a lot of my time, so naturally if I do any trading my write-ups will often be delayed until I find a spare 1-2 hours to go back and analyze the charts, take screenshots, and construct […]

Reliably Finding Strong Price Levels to Trade

Aug. 29, 2014

August 27, 2014 The European session opened up with a decent amout of volatility on the GBP/JPY, with large wicks on the opening candles spanning over fifteen pips. The market first rose up to the daily pivot level of 172.264 although no trade set up in the way in which I approach the markets, given […]