Michael Hodges

Bitcoin Bulls Reject Break Out; New Lows On The Way

Nov. 11, 2019

Bitcoin Break Out Rejected By Bears, Bulls In Trouble Bitcoin made a solid advance over the weekend in what at first looked like a solid bounce from support. Price action move up and out of the recent, narrowing, trading range and set the world’s leading cryptocurrency up for a rally. Unfortunately, the break out did […]

The Dollar/Dollar Forecast; The Bulls Are Back In Charge

Nov. 08, 2019

Double Bottom Is Confirmed, A Retest Of Highs Is At Hand The FOMC have done their work. The committed said it won’t raise or lower rates without a significant change in inflation and that is underpinning dollar strength. The Dollar Index moved higher over the last week and didn’t just confirm the Double Bottom I’ve […]

US Dollar Forecast; This Is A Make Or Break Moment For The Bulls

Nov. 01, 2019

The US Dollar Forecast Is Bullish The U.S. dollar forecast is bullish. The index has been under pressure in recent weeks but that is over. The FOMCs new policy stance says no more cuts, the latest round of labor data supports that view, and he Dollar Index is showing signs of reversing. The chart is in […]

Bitcoin Pops, Technical Picture Changes

Oct. 28, 2019

China? A Market Manipulator? No Way… Bitcoin popped over the weekend after China’s President Xi Jinping gave his endorsement to cryptocurrency. The endorsement, no doubt, is meant to establish China as a cryptocurrency-powerhouse and propel a China-backed coin into the spotlight. Whatever the reason, Bitcoin and the pantheon of cryptocurrencies bot a major boost from […]

Currency Forecast EUR/USD; Draghi’s Dire Predictions

Oct. 25, 2019

Draghi’s Warnings Tank Euro Outgoing ECB Chief Mario Draghi did not produce additional stimulus at his final meeting but he did leave the bank and the EU with a warning. Ongoing weakness in global economies associated with but not limited to impacts from the U.S./China trade war threaten EU stability. If further actions are not […]

There Are Less Than 3 Million Bitcoin Left To Be Mined

Oct. 23, 2019

There Are Less Than 375,000 Bitcoins Left To Be Mined Before The Halvening Yes, it’s that close. There are less than 375,000 Bitcoin left until the halvening. That’s really not that many. Only enough to last until May 14th, 2020. At that time the supply of new Bitcoins will be cut in half. That is […]

This Is The Biggest Scam In Binary Options Today

Oct. 21, 2019

Got Scammed? Sure We Can Help … If there is one thing everyone can agree on about binary options is that the industry was and is full of scams. There are scam brokers, scam managers, scam reviews, scam signals, scam services, and even scam regulators. The good news is that most of these scams have […]

The Brexit, The Pound, And Your Trading

Oct. 18, 2019

Brexit Looms, Fears Increase, BOE In The Wings In light of recent events I feel it is timely for me to review the pound and pound-based trading pairs. The EU and UK negotiators announced a new Brexit deal just a day or two ago and in that time a serious rally in the pound hit […]

The S&P 500 Is Going To Enter Correction

Oct. 14, 2019

The SPX Is On The Cusp Of Correction The global stock markets are under a lot of pressure right now. It all stems from the Trade War and the uncertainty surrounding global economic activity. The reason for the correction is going to be earnings. Earnings are what drives the market to new highs, when earnings […]

Bitcoin Is Bottoming, Right Now, It’s Time To Get In

Oct. 07, 2019

It Looks Like Bitcoin Is Bottoming After a long and protracted 3.5 month consolidation process it looks like Bitcoin is bottoming. The token fell to hit an almost four-month low over the weekend and has since bounced back. The bounce-back is not super strong, it didn’t form a double-digit percentage increase, but it doesn’t have […]