Michael Hodges

Bitcoin Is Making Another Run At $10,000; This Could Be It!

May. 28, 2020

Bitcoin; Still Bullish, Let’s Try Again … but Don’t Forget About Ethereum The Bitcoin has been trying to wake up and get really bullish for months now but it just keeps hitting resistance. The most recent action has the coin trading and consolidating between $9,000 and $10,000 and, at this time, another run up to […]

The Dollar Outlook: Still Ranging, Lower Prices May Come

May. 26, 2020

The Dollar Is Range Bound The Dollar Index has been ranging for the last two months and it looks like that range will continue, at least in the near-term. Last week’s FOMC minutes, the economic data, and lingering COVID-19 epidemic are weighing heavily on the greenback as it is on every world currency. The tug-of-war […]

Bitcoin Market Analysis: The Bulls Are Still In Control

May. 22, 2020

The Halving: Not Half As Exciting As It Could Have Been Well, the halving came and went without much fanfare. In the two weeks+ since the event BTC/USD has moved up, down and sideways to trend within a narrowing range. While the action seems listless, the stochastic outlook is still quite bullish. The market seems […]

Is The Bottom In For Oil

May. 18, 2020

Oil Rises To One-Month High Oil prices have been on the rise in recent trading sessions and it looks like a bottom may be in. The price for the June contract, which expires in one day, shot up more than 9% in early Monday trading as processors and refiners bet on increasing demand and slackening […]

Dollar Market Outlook: Something Strange Is Afoot

May. 15, 2020

Are Gold And The Dollar Moving In Tandem? Because it sure looks that way to me. What is usually an inverse trade has now set up to move in the same direction. Gold, a dollar denominated asset and one long-used as a hedge against inflation, typically moves counter to the dollar. When the dollar gets […]

Keep An Eye On Bitcoin, The Halving Is At Hand

May. 11, 2020

The Breakout Failed, What Next? Last week Bitcoin was on the cusp of breaking out to new highs. The move looked strong, the coin was making nice candles, and the indicators were supportive so what happened? Resistance at the round number of $10,000 held the coin in check and sent price action back down to […]

Bitcoin Market Analysis: Bitcoin Is Breaking Out

May. 08, 2020

Here It Comes, How High Will It Go Pundits, talking heads, industry insiders, traders and market-watchers like me have been anticipating  a major rally in Bitcoin for over a year. The reasons are numerous but today center around one event, the next halving.  The next halving of the Bitcoin mining reward occurs this weekend late […]

The Dollar Market Outlook: The Dollar Confirms Support

May. 04, 2020

Support Is Confirmed, Trading Ranges Are Present The Dollar Index has been in a trading range for the last month. A few weeks ago it looked like that range could be broken but it wasn’t, the DXY reversed course and fell back to a stronger support level. Now, with price action bouncing from the $98.50 […]

Bitcoin Market Analysis: Bitcoin Is Back Baby!

May. 01, 2020

Bitcoin Popped, The Market Is Back It was just a few days ago I was writing about the possibility Bitcoin, and the crypto market, could pop and look here we are. BTC/USD broke above its resistance target, surged, set a new high, and looks like it will go higher. The move is driven by a […]

Bitcoin Market Analysis: The Halvening, Don’t Forget About The Halvening …

Apr. 27, 2020

Bitcoin Caught A Cold Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies were not immune to the coronavirus pandemic. As global equities shed their 35%+ over the course of February and March so too did the world’s leading cryptocurrency. Bitcoin, down a staggering 62% in that time frame, has since hit bottom and bounced. The question now is, what can […]