Michael Hodges

It Is Time To Get Bullish On Oil

Aug. 27, 2020

A Rounding Top? Maybe Not I’ve been watching a rounding top formation in the oil market for a couple of months now. The formation looks pretty bearish and is supported by the indicators but that may not play out. After reviewing the latest EIA short-term forecast, consideration of recent economic data, and now Hurricane Laura, […]

The Dollar Forecast: The Dollar Might Be Bottoming

Aug. 24, 2020

The Dollar Slips, The Outlook Is Questionable Last week the dollar slipped to a new low after the Fed minutes revealed the committee was still concerned about the economic rebound. the news sent the Dollar Index to a new low that confirmed a downtrend that has been in place for several months. Only it didn’t. […]

S&P 500 Hit An All-Time High, Now What

Aug. 21, 2020

This Rally May Only Be Getting Started The S&P 500 hit an all-time high this week and now the question becomes what now? The rally to today’s level was driven in large by the economic rebound and government stimulus, what could there possibly be to keep it going? While the stimulus is running out, and […]

This Is What A Strong Rally Looks Like, And How To Trade It

Aug. 16, 2020

You Find Bull Markets Where They Are Happening The hardest part about trading is that all too often the market and/or markets are just meandering. It is only on occasion and for good reasons that markets tend to trend strongly in one direction or the other. That’s why it’s so hard to be a good […]

The Ethereum Rally Is The Real Deal

Aug. 14, 2020

New All-Time Highs, Here We Come It is certain that HODLrs ofEthereum have been waiting a long time for this day for today is the day I can say without (much) doubt that the really in Ethereum is real. Real because, after years and years of set backs and waiting, it looks like ETH 2.0 […]

Three Ways To Trade The Dollar’s Weakness

Aug. 10, 2020

Duh, They Want It That Way … As hard as Trump and Mnuchin are fighting to keep the cost of financial stimulus low, they really want it because it weakens the dollar. I know those guys like to posture as Dollar Hawks but that’s just to protect the currency from manipulation and maintain a conservative […]

Beware The Dollar: It Is Not Bottoming

Aug. 07, 2020

Is Another Rebound In Store? Earlier this year the Dollar Index looked like it was putting in a bottom. Sadly to say, the bullish signal it was giving off turned out to be right, only for the very near-term and that was all. What happened is that the index was in downtrend, hit a support […]

The S&P 500 Is About To Set A New High

Aug. 03, 2020

Moving On Up, To A New High The S&P 500 has been moving up steadily since hitting its March lows. The move is driven by a combination of factors that include 1) the correction was overblown 2) the pandemic shutdown was not as bad as feared 3) the rebound is stronger than expected and 4) […]

Oil Is About To Tank: Don’t Be Long When It Does

Jul. 31, 2020

A Rounding Top In Action I wrote about oil a few weeks ago describing a Rounding Top that I see in play. In the time since the price of oil has continued to edge higher and still showing the same signs of weakness. The move is a combination of near-term demand increases driven by the […]

Ethereum Will Hit A New All-Time High Before Bitcoin

Jul. 27, 2020

There I Said It, Ethereum Is Overshadowing Bitcoin I’ve long thought that Bitcoin’s value to the cryptocurrency market was it’s stable presence. What I mean it, cryptocurrency is a new and evolving technology, we’ve seen how that can affect the basis for prices, and having the “one coin to rule them all” so to speak […]