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What Is Support And What Are Support Lines?

Aug. 08, 2014

 In a previous posting I began a series on support and resistance. In that article I laid out two basic rules for support and resistance lines that all traders should follow. These are 1) S/R lines are not a signal, they are places where signals are likely to happen. If this sounds familiar you are […]

Trading Using Retracements back up to a Notable Price Level

Aug. 07, 2014

August 6, 2014 One of the nice things about pivot points that are spaced far apart is that the market will tend to be sensitive to them to a greater degree. When there is no other obvious immediate intraday level for price to hang on, it makes reaching a pivot point a rather notable event, […]

A How-to Guide on How to Avoid Handicapping Your Own Trading Efforts

Aug. 06, 2014

August 6, 2014 In trading, you can often become your own worst obstacle by usually the following three things: 1. Forcing trades and taking trades that aren’t there. 2. Trading too frequently and only semi-decent set-ups that don’t fulfill the criteria of factors you have set for yourself. 3. Investing too much money on any […]

Trading Opportunities at Recently Created Levels of Support and Resistance

Aug. 05, 2014

August 3, 2014 Last Friday’s trading of the EUR/USD didn’t amount to much in the way of trading opportunities setting up at pivot points. Naturally, when the gap between them is large, it carries with it the reality that set-ups along them will be in less abundance. Daily pivot points are truly a favorite method […]

EUR/USD Trading for July 31, 2014 (1/1 ITM)

Aug. 03, 2014

1. The first trading opportunity I encountered was not as easy when it came to making a cut-and-dried decision about if and when to get into the trade. The market broke down below the pivot level during the 2AM (EST) hour, and tested and rejected the level at the onset of the 3AM hour before […]

EUR/USD Trading for July 29, 2014 (1/2 ITM)

Aug. 02, 2014

A bit of a unique set-up occurred when I first began trading, in that it’s not one that comes up frequently. Starting on the 2:10(AM EST) candle, a series of consecutive wicks occurred on each five-minute candle, showing an inability to break this particular price level before the daily pivot. Before the end of the […]

Trading Seasonality in Individual Stocks

Aug. 01, 2014

Seasonality refers to recurring patterns in asset classes, often due to a time of the year impact. For example, summer may push up the price of crude of oil as more people drive cars and go on holidays, or heating oil prices may be pushed up in the winter as more people require heat in […]

How To Draw The Best Trend Lines

 This article is in response to a question I get asked, or see asked, just about every week. There are dozens of great answers out there but none seem to focus on the mechanics of actually drawing the lines and how that may affect your analysis. I began this article by grouping support, resistance and […]

Trading is Not About Prediction

Jul. 31, 2014

Sitting at dinner last night with several friends I was asked my thoughts on the stock market — a question I get asked numerous times each day. My response is usually the same “I am a trader, I don’t have thoughts on the what the future holds for the market.” I like saying it because […]