Banc De Binary Announces Its 200,000 Milestone

Banc De Binary is well known in the binary options trading community as one of the premium service vendors. Recently, they announced their latest achievement of reaching two hundred thousand account holders for their binary options platform. This stat officially makes the company the largest binary options provider in the world and asserts its position as one of the top companies in its chosen industry.

Makes it to the World Finance 100 List

The company is not new to these kinds of achievements as in early 2012, Banc De Binary had made it to the top 100 list of World Finance. This is an elite group that consists of some of the top companies in the world and being a part of it is considered a privilege in that field. Banc De Binary boasts of operations in 80 countries and offers its services through a very sophisticated online platform. It has its headquarters in New York and has made its name for the reach and reputation it has achieved in such a short span of time.

CEO Expresses Gratitude

Oren Laurent, the chief executive officer of the company, expressed his gratitude towards the traders through a letter. He directly thanked the 200,000 members for their support and loyalty and also said that this achievement could not have been possible if not for them. He said that each and every member of Banc De Binary is a part of the legacy that has been established and also said that he feels a sense of responsibility toward every one of them. He also wished them a happy and lucrative trading experience in the coming days.

Reflecting on the Company’s Original Mission

Mr. Laurent was retrospective in his address to the traders and reflected on the mission based on which the company was established. He said that the main aim was to make a contribution to the financial world that was positive and made trading easy to others. He added that each and every product and service the company offers has been designed in such a way that it is not only convenient for professional traders but those who start out too.