About Cory

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BinaryOptions.net: How did you get into binary options and where do you stand now?

Cory: After nearly a decade of trading other markets and financial writing, I began writing about binary options in about 2010 as the products began to gain popularity. Since that time I have continue to write on the products and keep up-to-date on the type of binary options available. cory mitchell

BinaryOptions.net: How has binary options trading influenced your lifestyle?

Cory: Trading as a whole has impacted my life immensely. Trading provides a lot of flexibility, as does teaching other traders. Originally it was not easy. Hours upon hours, months upon months of researching and sifting through charts was tough, but once you have a system you like, and strategies you follow, trading becomes almost zen-like. Trading is a constant exercise in discipline and patience…learned skills that have a positive impact in all other areas of life.

BinaryOptions.net: What are your goals with teaching? What can our members expect from your articles?

Cory: In my articles I attempt to provide strategies and information that traders can use in the real world. This means not only providing a strategy or technique, but explaining why it works. This way traders can become more self-sufficient. Ultimately, with enough good information they won’t need me or anyone else as a guide.

BinaryOptions.net: What’s the best way to learn how to trade binary options as you see it?

Cory: Learn what you can from text books and articles on trading, but always be skeptical of what you read. Verify what the author is saying by looking at history and charts, before simply taking their word. Then choose one or two simple trading strategies to follow. Only follow those and avoid the temptation to catch every market move. Stick to one or two strategies that work, and it keep it very simple.

BinaryOptions.net: What is there to know about the person behind the screen name? Hobbies, personality, relationship status?

Cory: Outdoor enthusiast, marathon runner, rock climber, near scratch golfer, volleyball and poker player. Formerly (and likely again) I have also written on other interests including philosophy and psychology.

BinaryOptions.net: Any last words for our community?

Cory: I love trading and writing about trading, but I don’t let it consume my life. A healthy balance of other pursuits is likely to provide the best outlook for approaching the markets.