8/21 pre-market NQ ADX/DMI


Consolidation coincident with a narrowing of the DMI cloud. A strong candle breaks & turns the MAs, coincident with expanding DMI cloud & increasing but not overextended ADX. Next candle holds the break. Ideal entry is as close as possible to the top MA without incentive downward.

At entry I assume targets in the area of the three flat Kumo spots marked in yellow. You can use FIB extensions from the reversal action, but in general the levels on the Kumo are going to be good enough to enter & manage the trade. This is a very fast chart (133 transactions) and I would miss probably 1/2 the spots if I tried to draw and think about FIBs.

Price breaks the Kumo coincident with ADX extension from the DMI cloud, likely stall. Also note that RHS Kumo at that point is flat, significantly below price & coincident with the top of the recent consolidation range – reflecting that not much of a base has been built & price will likely need to consolidate more.