365BinaryConsultant Scam

Email me and I will share my 99% winning system that is currently making me $5385 per day! Just kidding… Honestly though, how many times have you read the statement above in a post in a trading related forum or on YouTube? If you ask me, I have read posts like that so many times that my eyes are well-adapted and automatically ignore reading them and if I am a moderator on those channels I will delete and ban these spammers even before I read more than two words of their nonsense.

Unfortunately, some people who are still new in this business or to the internet in general, fall victim for these scams and lose a lot of money. Regardless of what the poster is promising, the pitches are always pretty much the same or at least their goal is. For example: “I used to struggle and lost lots of money but then I found the best strategy that is now making me 5000€ per day… email me at…” or “I am a single mom making over $1000 a day using this holy grail software… and I will share if you email me at…” you get the point!

Now let’s find out what happened when I decided to go undercover and pretend I was just another gullible sucker.
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Scam Exposed – Bullshit Level = You Can’t Handle the Truth

I began by emailing one of these spammers and asking for help. In fact here is the picture:

And the response I got was:

“As a trader, you can only trade and be successful if you apply the software. The software is a simplified system so you don’t need to do all the puts yourself, regarding how the software works, it is a trading System that trade for you automatically, in most cases you can place your trade at a specific time frame and program it to work until trade expires, it is just easy to use so you don’t need to be a computer literate before you can use the software, meanwhile all the information will be sent to you once you have the software, I can assure you 99% success. Which broker do you trade with, and where are you from?”

So he assures us a 99% success rate from a software which we don’t know anything about. Whenever someone promises you wealth without a lift of a finger, you better turn around and run!

In the next email he claimed his software would “never give me an option to lose” only to write in the next sentence that his software was 95% successful. Now I am really confused here… Wasn’t it 99% successful? Or is it 95% and saying it never loses means 100% successful. I suppose when you lie, you forget what you have said before and made up shit as you go!

But after emailing back and forward a few times, the real bullshit got revealed when he sent me a screenshot of the latest trades taken by the “software”. Take a look at it, see if you can find out if it’s fake:


He claimed the results were from 19th of August 2016. First of all, this is just a “paint-job”. Meaning, it’s all created in paint but the real proof is within the price rates! For example, open your charts and look at EURUSD on 19th of August. In fact, go to a monthly chart and look during which year the price of EURUSD was anywhere near the 1.28526! That’s right, the last time EURUSD was anywhere near those levels was in 2014-10 which is two years before the date he claimed to have taken those trades. There’s your proof, it’s all fake and you don’t even have to check their website or all the price rates or ask any further questions. But you know what, let’s check out their website too because I found some funny stuff there.


The Scam Site – Jason Bourne Anyone?

Usually when I visit a ridiculous site like this, I want to read their fake testimonials and normally they either pay people from Fiverr to create fake testimonials or pay people to post fake reviews but this one was just beyond stupid. Let’s see if you can figure it out on your own because I already gave you a hint:


Okay, let me spill the beans for ya. That’s Edward Norton in the picture which is taken from the recent Jason Bourne movie! And no, he has nothing to do with this scam and he didn’t change his name to Martin Mercuri (lol what a fake ass name by the way).

The scam software they sell is called the “Market Pulse Trade Decoder” which is actually not even a software but also hardware judging by the pictures! Again I’m confused… Seems like these liars can’t even stick to one lie. 

365Binary Crooks

Remember that most of these scammers operate in the same way. So even if the name is different, they never have any proof of anything and all their testimonials are fake. I always say that: once you have exposed one of them, you should be able to expose the next one too. Overall, the goal of these scammers is to get you “the potential sucker” (as they call their victims) to email them so that they can share their “magic” system or strategy with you. In reality, they just want your hard-earned money and there is no super strategy or system that’s gonna make you rich. You can read the story of one member who actually paid them and got scammed in this thread about 365 binary consultant. In conclusion, do your research properly and avoid becoming the next victim! In hindsight, it is a futile attempt to fool someone, isn’t it?