3/3 ITM with Volume Climax and S&R

Good Day traders,

In this article I am going to share with you some trades I took with volume climax and support and resistance levels.My trades had 60 seconds expiry and were all ITM and it means 100% performance today.So, look at my results.


As you can see three in the money trades. All of them were put trades.My first trade is in GBPUSD currency pair and the other two are in EURUSD currency pair.Let’s go to the first screen shot of the day to explain you my trading setups.


This chart is from my first trade in GBPUSD currency pair.Let’s take a look in the general market picture.I use 1min timeframe.In the beginning of the screenshot you can see that we have a big down trend.At the last big bearish candle we have selling climax in the volume spread analysis indicator.After that the blue bar in the volume with the bullish movement show us that a possible change in the price movement and in the bearish picture of the market is possible.I didn’t take trades when the price came back to this support afraid of a the new resistance two minutes after the support.So, I was waiting.Finally the support kept the price up and a new resistance was created with a buying climax in the volume as you can in the blue rectangle.The price tested two times this level and it didn’t break it.I am talking about the red horizontal line which is our resistance now.So, the third time that the price hit this resistance I took a put. My trade was a solid in the money.


This is the second chart form EURUSD currency pair.I took my trades in the two put arrows in the blue rectangle.In the beginning of the screenshot you can see that we have a support after the a down trend. tice the buying climax after the support.Then in the first blue rectangle another buying climax and a small bearish candle after that.The volume is decreasing but the price is moving up.In this spot I took an in the money put trade.This spot was also a rejection support area in the past.(“Change of Polarity Strategy”).The price makes a pull back and comes again to this level with decreasing volume.I took another one in the money put in the put arrow.The market is moving sideways the next minutes.

Kind Regards,