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As one of the world’s oldest and most trusted payment services, Western Union is synonymous with moving money around the world. And while it is probably not the first name on binary options traders’ minds when they look to fund their accounts, Western Union is a reliable service with several advantages. This guide will look at how traders can use Western Union to top up their binary options accounts, which online brokers accept Western Union deposits, plus the pros and cons of the service.

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How Western Union Works

Western Union has been helping customers to make swift cash transfers since it was founded in Rochester, New York in the 1850s, and more than 170 years later it has grown into a global payment institution from its head office in Denver, Colorado.

Western Union has long been a major competitor of international banks for remittances and other international transfers, and the company has performed strongly under its current CEO, Devin McGranahan, with substantial growth in 2024 compared to the previous year.

The company’s main business today is not in telegraphy but international money transfers – services for which it helped develop – but customers can still send and receive money transfers at a Western Union branch.

Of course, the payment brand has moved with the times and also allows customers to make transfers using its app or through its online portal, making it popular with binary options brokers and traders.

One of Western Union’s main advantages is that it allows people to transfer cash without having to use their bank account.

The exact amount customers can transfer varies among countries, with a maximum daily transfer from the USA of $3,000 but only £800 from the UK.

A yearly limit also applies, but both this and the daily limit can be raised if you go through a verification check at a Western Union office.

This type of cash transfer has made Western Union a popular service around the world, and many people still turn to the company when they need to move cash. The company’s website highlights that it serves 150 million customers from 550,000 agent locations in 200 countries.

However, Western Union’s business model is not always the most compatible with binary options trading brokers, since cash transfers eschew some of the stringent identity checks required to open a bank account, and this clashes with anti-money laundering regulations that brokerages are often subject to.

Transaction Times

Western Union is an international company, and transaction times depend on the country or countries involved.

A domestic transfer should go through within 24 hours, and even international transfers can go through in minutes if you send money using the Quickpay service between branches in two well-regulated partner countries like the UK and United States.

However, international transfers can take up to five working days depending on the country, and deposits made to a binary options broker through a Western Union transfer are unlikely to be any faster than a standard bank transfer.

Also, the firm does most of its business during standard working hours, so if you want to make a cash transfer you will be restricted to that branch’s opening times, as well as the working hours of any bank that is involved in the transaction.

Pricing Review

Western Union is an old hand at money transfers, and it is an expert at providing valuable financial services over a large geographical area.

But while Western Union is still one of the biggest names in its field, some upstart companies such as Wise and Moneygram have entered the market in recent years with far more competitive pricing plans.

You will have to pay a fee to move money using Western Union, and the exact amount of this depends on the countries involved. A calculator on the company’s website helps you calculate this fee, and other resources such as tables can also help.

As well as transfer fees, Western Union also makes money by charging customers a higher exchange rate to convert currencies than it sells the currency at.

One handy feature available to WU customers is a collaboration with Klarna, a company that breaks down payments into interest-free instalments.

Finally, it’s worth pointing out that binary options brokers that accept Western Union deposits and withdrawals might charge an additional fee. This is worth checking on our reviews before opening a live trading account.


Western Union is a safe and reputable option for money transfers. The company provides standard security procedures for online accounts and transfers, and any confidential information you enter will be encrypted. However, there are a few things you will need to remember.

Firstly, the nature of Western Union’s payment system has sometimes been exploited by scammers. A Western Union transfer essentially moves a cash balance between two locations, and once the receiver collects the cash on their end, no refunds are possible. If a fraudster persuades someone to send them money in this way, the sender will have little chance of getting it back.

Check our lists and reviews of Western Union binary options brokers to make sure you are absolutely sure that you are sending money to a legitimate recipient.

If you do have doubts after you have sent the money, you should contact Western Union’s customer service immediately, as they can only cancel the transfer and refund your money if you notify them before the receiver collects it. You should be able to easily access the correct contact phone number or helpline for your location on the WU website.

Because the company has different identification requirements from banks when making transfers, some binary options trading brokers do not accept this method of payment.

This is because the USA, UK, EU and many other countries impose strict regulations on online brokers to prevent money laundering through their platforms. Western Union has less stringent requirements for customers to make a transfer than most banks, so some binary options brokers will refuse this method for funding customers’ trading accounts.

Pros & Cons Of Western Union For Binary Options Traders

Western Union is a frontrunner in its own category of money transfer service, and its millions of loyal customers show that it provides good value to a great many people. However, whether it is a good fit for binary options traders is a different question. Here are the pros and cons:


  • Fast, secure transfers
  • Good customer service in multiple languages
  • Option to split payments into instalments with Klarna
  • Allows cash transfers without using a bank account
  • Online services available through the Western Union app
  • Some incentives such as vouchers, promos and discount codes
  • Global reach with many branches in 200 countries, so you are likely to see a Western Union logo nearby


  • Expensive compared to other payment methods
  • Difficult to claim a refund if a transfer goes wrong
  • Limited list of binary options trading brokers that accept Western Union deposits
  • Making Western Union deposits and withdrawals with brokers is complicated and time-consuming

How To Make Deposits & Withdrawals With Western Union

In the age of websites with automated checkouts and instant payment services, Western Union is not the most straightforward way to get your money to a binary options broker. You will need to go through more steps than normal to make deposits and withdrawals.

To send money to a binary options broker using a Western Union cash transfer, first you will need to find a broker which accepts this form of payment and get their IBAN and BIC number.

When you put the transfer through at your Western Union branch, you will complete a form with all the recipient’s details and then receive a 10-digit tracking number called a money transfer control number (MTCN). You will need to pass this on to your binary options broker’s support team to complete the transfer.

Making a withdrawal using the same method may prove tricky, as you will need to submit a withdrawal request with your trading broker and then wait for them to begin the process and provide you with an MTCN before collecting your payment from Western Union.

You should be sure the broker is willing to go through this procedure with you since most withdrawals are made through automated cashiers on their websites and don’t require human intervention.

Alternatively, you can download the Western Union app and transfer money to a binary options broker like Nadex, which accepts deposits through automated clearing house (ACH) and other online transfer methods. You can even use the app to send the money directly to a bank account. However, making the transfer in this way will require a bank account, and you can usually make similar transfers without the mediation of a third party. So, there isn’t any great benefit to using Western Union in these cases.

Verdict On Western Union Binary Options Brokers

Western Union is a well-known and time-tested service which is perfectly safe if you are confident about the identity of your recipient. It has its benefits, particularly for binary options traders who wish to move money without using a bank account.

However, it may prove difficult to find online brokers who accept this payment method, it is relatively pricey compared to other options, and the payment process is quite complicated.

For most traders, it will be far more convenient to use their debit or credit cards or another payment method when they top up their binary options broker account.


Is Western Union A Bank?

Western Union is an American multinational financial services corporation that millions of customers use to transfer money domestically and internationally each year, but it is not a bank. You can’t make a deposit with Western Union, and they won’t make loans. It can, however, be used to fund binary options trading accounts at supported brokers.

How Do You Send Money With Western Union?

To make a transfer with Western Union, you will need to take the recipient’s details to a branch and fill in a form. You will be given a money transfer control number which will allow the recipient to collect the cash at their end once the transfer is complete. There is plenty of useful information on the process on the Western Union’s website and YouTube, so if you’re stuck it is easy to get help.

You can also find contact numbers and helplines in the UK and many other countries. Alternatively, speak to your binary options broker’s support team for help making a deposit.

Are Western Union Binary Options Trading Deposits Instant?

Transfer times depend on the locations of the sender and recipient – if both you and the other side are in the UK, you may be able to receive the money within minutes. But international transfers often take longer. Also check the timelines listed on your binary options broker’s website as there may be processing delays due to KYC checks.

Can You Use Western Union To Transfer Money To A Bank Account?

You can send money to a bank account using Western Union’s online services, its app, or from an agent location. To send money to a bank account using the app, you will need to either use a debit or credit card or enter your own bank details to make a transfer. This process can also be used to make a deposit to a binary options broker.

Is A Western Union Deposit Safe To Use When Trading Binary Options?

Western Union is perfectly safe, as long as you are confident about the recipient of your transfer. In the end, this is a multinational corporation making millions of transfers per year, and they take security seriously. If you aren’t completely sure about the identity of your recipient, you shouldn’t send them money. Criminals have been known to trick people into sending them money via Western Union, and once the money has been received it is near impossible to get it back. With this in mind, make sure you only trade with a trusted binary options broker.