Brokers with the best binary options educational resources help new traders understand the popular all-or-nothing style of trading. The top learning tools unpack strategy examples, explain how to manage risk, and share tips for finding user-friendly trading platforms.

This guide looks at the different ways you can learn about binary options, from training courses and specialized books to free information available to download online.

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Binary Options Education; The Benefits

Binary options traders can improve their win rate by developing and testing strategies, taking a sensible approach to risk, and better understanding the underlying markets they are speculating on.

Yet as a beginner, knowing where to find reliable information and training materials in these areas can prove challenging. And with a mix of free and paid binary options educational resources out there, where should you start?

To help answer that question, we have tested and reviewed the different types of binary options education available and compiled a list of our top picks.

Educational Resources


Pre-recorded videos, or lectures, are one of the most popular delivery methods for binary options education. Training videos can vary greatly in content and length. Some lectures will be short and to the point, giving you quick tips, tricks and strategy demonstrations.

Others will be in-depth tutorials with explanations of chart and graph analysis in a particular market, such as cryptos like Bitcoin or precious metals like Gold.

Binary options courses often use lectures to deliver the bulk of their content and may combine these with other delivery methods. But while several binary options course providers offer lectures, beginners can also find similar educational materials on video streaming sites such as YouTube, often for free.

NTrade is one popular YouTube channel with short, bite-sized videos for binary options traders. Jeremy Cash is another well-known source.

The benefit of going to online videos for your binary options education is that you can watch at your own leisure, re-watch content, and practice what you learn on a demo account at the same time.

The downside is that you often won’t be able to ask questions of the instructor, meaning you will have to look elsewhere to answer any questions you may have.


Webinars are a form of binary options education that are essentially live online presentations delivered by a teacher, typically an experienced trader. These are usually interactive, allowing aspiring binary options traders to ask questions and answer polls live. This is useful if you want to learn a new strategy and need pointers on setting up trades.

Nadex is one of the top binary options brokers that run webinars to help up-skill new traders. Investors can also make use of the broker’s archived webinars, which are available to download and watch online.

Books & Articles

Written formats are another popular form of binary options education. You can find articles on almost anything relating to binary options, and even learn how to trade binary options from scratch.

Many websites (like this one) provide free access to articles teaching both prospective and professional traders all they need to know to get started with binary options. From digital contract broker reviews to strategy and technical analysis rundowns, articles can introduce you to a wide range of binary options topics.

Educational books, especially those written by successful investors, can also provide a deep understanding of different concepts, markets and strategies that you can implement. This kind of long-form written material may take longer to get through, but it will often go into more depth on a specific 1-minute strategy, for example.

Some of our favourites include:

  • Binary Options Unmasked by Anna Coulling
  • Binary Options: Fixed Odds Financial Bets by Hamish Raw (Cover shot below)
  • Binary Options: Powerful Strategies To Dominate Binary Options by Jordon Sykes
fixed odds hamish raw

Educational Resources


Binary options courses vary greatly in the experience levels they are suited to, the amount of content they provide, price and quality. Most lessons will give a brief summary of the content they teach, so find one that covers the specific binary options education material you are interested in learning, whether that be the basics of price action or sophisticated, automated strategies.

Binary options lessons are available on many different websites, but a couple we suggest are Udemy and Investopedia Academy:

  • Udemy is an e-learning platform that allows teachers to publish training materials and sell them to members. There are a huge number of lessons available for aspiring binary options traders, including Binary Options For Beginners and Binary Options: Trading Strategies, 90% Accuracy and Signals. Note that on Udemy, it is important to pay attention to the star rating. Those with low ratings or few reviews may not provide accurate or up-to-date information, potentially teaching you bad habits or sharing incorrect tips.
  • Investopedia is one of the largest investing education sites. It also offers training materials on its Investopedia Academy site, with the Binary Options Trading Course costing $199. The content covers the fundamentals of binary options, as well as detailing common pitfalls, trading strategies, profit-maximizing market conditions, price action and chart analysis, and more. There are over 40 on-demand video lessons accompanied by exercises and interactive content, and once paid for, you gain lifetime access.

Demo Accounts

One of the best binary options education resources is a practice account. These can be used alongside other learning channels to learn by doing.

Beginners, in particular, can develop and test strategies, try different types of binaries, expiry times, underlying assets and more. Paper trading accounts essentially replicate real market conditions but with a virtual bankroll, provided by the broker. Binary options demo accounts can also be a great way to test out a potential platform and provider.

The best binary options brokers with demo accounts include Quotex, VideForex, and Pocket Option.

Pricing – Free Vs Paid

While there is a wealth of binary options education resources on the internet, not all are created equal. As with many things, typically the more you pay, the higher the quality of product you will receive.

Paid-for resources are often, but not always, come in greater detail than free binary options education. The course creators are incentivized to produce higher-quality content than those available for free to attract buyers. This could mean more insights into particular binary options strategies and markets, or insights into pitfalls and mistakes seasoned traders have made.

However, if you are a binary options beginner or an intermediate trader looking to brush up on your knowledge and learn new investing systems, then free content may well suffice.

If you are looking to take a deeper step into binary options trading, then opting for a paid course may be more beneficial. They are more likely to provide one-on-one support and assistance along with the resources offered. Prices can vary widely, from as little as £19.99 up to and beyond £300 at leading providers like Udemy, Reed and Skillshare.

Binary Options Education For Beginners Vs Experts

The sheer volume of binary options education material can seem overwhelming, especially to those new to this all-or-nothing style of trading. With that in mind, it’s important to choose content that aligns with your level of experience.

  • Beginners – If you are completely new to binary options, we recommend starting with the free content available online. You can learn a lot from articles, YouTube videos and webinars from binary options brokers like Nadex.
  • Intermediates – If you are fairly confident with the fundamentals, you are likely to already have an idea about the areas that you want to improve on. For many intermediate investors, this may involve learning techniques to better understand charts and graphs. Traders may want more detailed information about price action on their chosen asset class. A good place to start for intermediates looking to hone their skills is their binary options broker. Some of the top binary options brokers that provide educational resources, such as Pocket Option, Expert Option, Alpari and Nadex, offer written materials and filmed tutorials as well as live webinars led by experts.
  • Experts – If you already have a deep understanding of binaries you may be on the lookout for binary options education resources that sharpen your skills and increase your win rate. One of the best sources for this is other binary options traders, who are often happy to discuss their strategies on communities online. Advanced ebooks and paid lessons may also benefit more experienced investors who are looking to gain in-depth knowledge in a specific aspect of binary options trading. One of our top picks for seasoned binary investors is Binary Options: Fixed Odds Financial Bets, by Hamish Raw.

Starting Your Binary Options Education

Education and learning are key to improving as a binary options trader. The more you understand market conditions, price action, trading psychology and strategies, the more likely you will stay in the money in the long run. Use our guide to find a type of binary options education that suits your learning style and budget. Alternatively, head to our list of binary options brokers with the best education resources in 2024.


How Can I Learn More About Binary Options Trading?

There are several popular binary options education resources available to aspiring traders. These can range from information online to ebooks, webinars, lessons, and articles available as free downloads. Our guide lists some of our top recommendations and ranks the top binary options brokers based on their educational resources and training tools.

How Much Does Learning About Binary Options Cost?

There is an abundance of free materials available online for those looking to start learning about trading binary options, from PDF downloads to videos and webinars. However, for more in-depth and detailed sources such as training courses, you will often have to spend money. The prices of online lessons can vary from just £19.99 up to and over £300. Udemy is a good place to start for new traders on a budget.

What Is The Best Binary Options Education Platform?

Several leading binary options brokers offer beginner-friendly educational sources and training tools, including Pocket Option, Alpari, Expert Option, and Nadex. Users can access free articles, strategy tutorials, plus in-depth webinars. These brands also offer free demo accounts so traders can learn by doing.