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Prominent Stock Market Cycles

The cycles discussed here are longer-term cycles, and not pressingly relevant to short-term traders. Yet, by seeing these cycles and understanding how cycles work, you may be able to find your own cycles and cycle strategies for trading on shorter time frames. And if nothing else, knowing about these cycles … more

Big Moves – April 23 Forex Trades

April 23 started with big moves in the AUD forex pairs, following CPI numbers. The action continued following GBP Bank of England Minutes several hours later.


If you were quick you could have gotten in on the short right after the news announcement (4:30 on chart below). Typically I don’t … more

What To Look For In A Binary Options Service

I began today’s project by searching for a real binary options strategy that I could give my seal of approval to. After searching and searching I was rewarded with nothing more than what I usually find. A lot of BS. There are a lot of bogus web sites out there … more

Dealing with Distractions While Trading

When trading you are bound to face distractions. Learning to effectively deal with these distractions can mean the difference between a profitable day and a disastrous one. Here we will look at some common distractions, and how to deal with them so you can more effectively trade.

Other Work

For many traders, … more

The Valley Floor Trading Approach

For lack of a better word, I call it the “valley floor.” During a trend the price will often pull back to this area. Not always, but whether it does or doesn’t provides some valuable insight. The main reason I look for it, is that if the price is trending … more

BinaryOptionGain A New Trading Tool is a downloadable software package for MT4. It is based on the popular Fibonacci sequences and utilizes several proprietary indicators. In order to get the down load you will have to register with the website, but unlike so many other sites I review this one actually gives you a … more

Are You Addicted to New Highs and New Lows?

Maybe because it is discussed in most basic trading books, and is a often referred to as a “break to new highs (or lows),” that trading a new high or new low seems so appealing. Most traders are taught by basic strategies or free guides to trade an uptrend by … more

Things you Need to Know About Forex Charts

Whether you trade options, binary options, or forex, if you use forex charts, you may notice a couple strange things at first. Here we will look at some simple concepts to help you better understand the forex market and forex charts.

Pairs and Trend Direction

Currencies always trade in pairs – the … more

How Many Assets to Watch/Trade?

Had dinner last night with a few other traders, and one topic that came up was how many stocks/forex pairs/etc each trader watches. We all concluded that typically day trading 3 to 5 provided a good assortment of opportunities, but more than that and it could actually be detrimental. That … more

The Perks and Trials of Working (Trading) for Yourself

There is a great allure to ditching the office and venturing off to make a living on your own. Trading is a great way to earn a living, but it isn’t all roses and it isn’t easy. If you are considering trading as a primary income stream, or have recently … more

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