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Four Common Mistakes Of Successful Binary Options Traders

First and foremost I want to point out that trading binary options is not a mistake. This does not exclude binary options traders from making mistakes. Especially successful binary options traders. There are numerous pitfalls and challenges to overcome, any of which could turn you from the path to success. …

Advanced Stochastic Indicators

 Advanced Stochastic Analysis, Can You Improve On A Good Thing?

Anyone who knows me knows that I am quite fond of the Stochastic Oscillator. It is a tool created by George C. Lane and seeks to make sense of the seemingly random movement of the market. In fact, the very name …

Trading Psychology: “I can’t pull the trigger”

October 4, 2014

Q: I know that overtrading is talked about a lot, but I have the issue of “undertrading,” or having the fear of actually getting into a trade. How do I overcome this?

A: Not being able to pull the trigger is on the opposite side of the spectrum of …

How To Apply Volatility

How To Apply Volatility To Binary Options

Volatility is your friend, as I explained in a recent post. This is because volatility means movement, and movement means pips and pips means profits. Profits are why we are here, yes there are a wide variety of secondary reasons to be in …

Volatility Is Your Friend

Why You Should Embrace Volatility

Volatility is your friend. You may not realize this but it is. A lot of traders and investors, most in fact, will shy away from volatility because it implies risk, frustration and loss. The thing is, for a short term trader and/or market speculator volatility …

So, You Want To Be A Better Trader

Start A Trading Journal

Time and time again I am asked, “how can I become a better trader”. Time and time again I am reminded of what really boosted my own trading success. Starting a trading journal. A journal is a great way to keep track of what you are …

Applying Reflexive Support And Resistance

The Reflexive Theory Of Support And Resistance

Support and resistance are very important factors of techinical analysis. In practice these levels produce areas where signals, reversals, pauses and other technical indications are likely to happen. On a chart a support or resistance line is a line,usually horizontal, that marks an …

Market Depth

Hi, again – yes its Norbert the German banker!, ok maybe not but I am likely more close to a german banker then he will ever be lol. Today I am going to demonstrate the correct way to read Market Depth, many more brokers are offering access to this tool …

Binary Options Trading for September 11, 2014 (1/2 ITM)

I went with the EUR/USD here, trading from 2AM-8AM EST. It’s a bit longer than I can probably handle at this point, now that far more of my time is occupied as opposed to the summer months. But almost all charting software platforms these days have alerts that one can …

Binary Options Trading for September 10, 2014 (2/3 ITM)

One thing that I learned early on in trading is to be wary of support and resistance levels that are established during “down hours.” That is, times during the day when the market simply isn’t very active because the three main market sessions (i.e., Asian, European, and North American) aren’t …

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