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Please see the below comments before deciding whether to trade with Banc de Binary.

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Rating: 4.6/5 (49 votes cast)
Banc De Binary Review, 4.6 out of 5 based on 49 ratings

decent broker

Jun 01, 2014 by matt

bdb are known to be one of the best of the binary brokers... don't trade binary in the first place if you dont like the high risk of trading, just put your money in a bank account and never make any profit... but really, if you like binary, banc de binary are good.... they were the first to be regulated in the EU and in my books that says something

Police Financial Crimes

Feb 27, 2014 by Bob

I couldn't write a reply the button doesn't work. BdB is running a racketeering scam I have contacted my local financial crimes unit and they are contacting the Cypress Financial Crimes unit asking for assistance. I have also filed with INTERPOL. I suggest you all do the same. This isn't just poor business practices, this is sophisticated organized crime.Any positive review was probably written by an employee. I was talking to a poor guy from Auz. He told me how one of their brokers put him into a losing trade and pushed him into doubling up twice. $45,000 gone in 20 minutes. A pro never puts more than 1% into any one trade. Money management 101. File those police reports! I understand that the owner is up on charges in the US and isn't even who he says he is.The star is there only because I was forced to put one in. Remember, evil exists only because good people do nothing.Do something.

scammed for $50,000.00

Feb 04, 2014 by Bob

I have a $50,000 deposit that these thieves have scammed from me. Liars and thieves. Don't put your money there. Contact me if you have been scammed for the same amount or around there.


Dec 17, 2013 by Christine

I start the account with $250 in Ban Dec Binary without bonus, I trade the account up to $1040 and made an $500 withdraw, it is been two months so far, they use all sort of the excuse no to process my withdraw, now I have stop trading the account. They are scams and they are crook, if you have not yet open your account, avoid them, choose someone else

Happy trader

Nov 13, 2013 by Sarah

I've worked with 1 forex broker and 2 binary brokers now and banc de binary was the best of the 3. My account manager is always helpful and sends me daily analysis and tips about what the assets are doing. I withdrew almost $1500 in winnings after a few weeks and am still happily trading with the funds still in my account.

Highly Recommended - not scam

Nov 12, 2013 by Pete

Been trading with Banc de Binary for 4 months, did not take a bonus so i was free to withdraw whenever i wanted. Withdrawals require the usual documents but once sent in, withdrawal was processed. I haven't tried their signals as have bad experience with other brokers but all in all very pleased. Highly recommended.

Oct 04, 2013 by Anonymous

I believe either their customer support is lousy or it is a scam
What happen to my US 250 deposit.
I have yet to get open my trading account

Scam - Crooks

Sep 10, 2013 by Vern

Bank De Binary was supposed to pay back all accounts when they left the USA. I have not received a cent nor any notice. These are outright crooks and should be removed from all the exchanges not just the US. Also they should be prosecuted in the UK and Canada as they are still operating there too. Anyone hear anything? Let us know..

Don't ask for a bonus!

Aug 01, 2013 by alex

I have had a good experience with BdB. I did not choose to take a bonus and they have always processed my withdrawals on time. I think a lot of the problems people are having is because they are choosing to take bonuses. When you open an account, just tell them you dont want a bonus and everything is good.


Jul 19, 2013 by Monday

When I finally got approved to withdraw my money, which took nearly three week, it was like pulling teeth getting my withdrawals approved. It was like my money was being kidnapped. And after depositing $5000 into an account so that I could get to trade with the broker, the first day allllll the trades were losers. Sort of like the brokers over there!!! I would really recommend that everyone stay away from this company!!! , USA 2.4 5.0 12 12 bdb are known to be one of the best of the binary brokers... don't trade binary in the first place if you dont like the high risk of trading, just put your money in a bank account

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