Trading binaries in a slow market

Hey everyone, well I’m back home for today, but after work tomorrow will be leaving to go to my hometown for thanksgiving holiday. I traded tonight, but I probably won’t trade tomorrow or Thursday. I will resume trading next week as usual. So today I made two trades, the market is pretty slow (probably because of holiday), and therefore I only traded off 5 min candles since in the higher TF’s there’s little to no movement. In my strategy if market is normal, I’ve found it to be more reliable to trade on the 15m TF and take 30 min expiries, but on a slow day, 5m candles and 5m expiries suit me well.

My first trade I was waiting for price to venture away from the EMA, preferably a decent move, because there usually is correction afterwards. Price dropped rather rapidly and got close to some support/resistance zones. Then the Value Chart reached below the 92 level which signaled price was “oversold”. Each of these things signaled to me price was going to return back to the EMA, and to make things better, there was a reversal candle. ITM

My second trade I waited for price to go north of the EMA, and wait for a reversal. Price went up until it hit previous resistance, and immediately jumped down (rejection). By then the value chart was almost to 108, which was close enough for me. Next there was a reversal candle that formed and I placed a PUT, which was ITM. So I had 2/2 trades today ITM.

One thing to remember is you don’t have to make a ton of trades; you only need a couple or maybe a little more. One thing I’ve learned slowly from others by lurking around this forum, is almost everyone new takes a ton of trades, which is a bit unnecessary, don’t be too greedy. If you can make 1 or 2 trades a day, and become really good at it, you can increase your amount of $ per trade and make just as much if not more than if you had a bunch of trades. ABOVE ALL, do not trade above 5% of your capital per trade, everyone’s different, but if I was trading live, I would never trade over 5%. I will say as others have told me, do not pay attention to newbies that post screenshots with 50 trades or so, even if they did good, it’s almost surely is beginners luck, (unless of course they have traded elsewhere for a long time). I hope I’m not sounding negative, but I used to feel the same way and it took time to realize this.